Beta Release – Asana Videos

Thank you again for purchasing the Niche Site Project Management book.  I truly appreciate the support.

The videos below will help to get you started using Asana as a task management application.  I use Asana everyday.  It excels at providing a very clear view of all of your tasks. Moreover, Asana enables you to organize your tasks by priority each day.

The other reason I recommend Asana over other project or task management systems is the cost.  Asana is free up to 15 team members and for most of us, well, we won’t have more than 15 working on our projects.  Asana does not have a limit on the number of projects or tasks, only the number of team members.

In short, Asana is a perfect solution if you are getting started with a new application and it is fit to scale for most all of us.


password: asana-beta.2014.NSP


Getting Started with Asana


Assigning Tasks in Asana


Adding Task Details in Asana


Creating a New Workspace and Project in Asana


Duplicating Projects in Asana


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