UPDATE: Jan 30, 2017. If you want to see the results of the expanding the content on an existing site, then keep reading. I'll present results from 2 sites where I added content and the traffic went up, and most importantly the revenue went up. Additionally, the revenue didn't just go up – The ROI is dramatic. [...]

Niche Site Project: Fall 2016 Update

Wanna see massive results for TWO big ass case studies that I’m working on? $3k/month & $14k/mon Niche Site #1: Niche Site #2: I’ve been shying away from publishing the Amazon Earnings screenshots like I did in the past. But people love seeing proof of earnings and moreover people love sharing them. Check out the Online [...]

Want to hear some bad advice? "If you are the type of soloprenuer, onepreneur or entrepreneur whatever you want to call yourself, if you’re the type of person within that particular realm that is building a business based around you, your personality, what you do, the stories you tell, the way you do things, you [...]

Choosing a Domain Name For Niche Sites

When you're choosing a domain name for your niche site, or any website, it seems like a pretty permanent decision. I mean, you pay for the domain by the year and you can even pay years in advance. You want to have a name that: Embodies your brand Ideas Overall message And so on That's [...]

I was sitting in Word Processing class. (That's what we called it back in 1995 and we used the program called WordPerfect. Somehow, it's still around.) Chris said, "Are you trying out for the basketball team? Tryouts start in a few weeks, you know" "No. Not this year," I said. Chris and I tried out in [...]

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