This is a guest post by Andrew James from Brand Builders. He's been in the Internet Marketing industry for 8 years – that means he's seen all the Google Algorithm updates and weathered the storms. He's persisted over the years and learned to apply the lessons learned to his future projects. Andrew is covering why [...]

I was sitting with Jim the other day (from the $0 - $2k Case Study) and we were talking about Rob. He has a portfolio of sites and he’s making over $30,000 per month as of November 2016. Jim said something to the effect of: “So a portfolio is the way to create a full [...]

UPDATE: Jan 30, 2017. If you want to see the results of the expanding the content on an existing site, then keep reading. I'll present results from 2 sites where I added content and the traffic went up, and most importantly the revenue went up. Additionally, the revenue didn't just go up – The ROI is dramatic. [...]

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