Daily Updates

Failed Projects, #2 – The Mastery

Here's another trip down the memory-lane-of-failures. This one cost a few thousand dollars and a couple months worth of work – a bummer. The Mastery was a membership website that matched people up so they could be in a mastermind group. It spawned out of a mastermind group that I was in with Dave Schneider [...]

Distractions Suck

My phone kept buzzing at me today. Damn group text messages. One of my friends is not active with social media at all. No Facebook. No Instagram. No Twitter. Nothing. It's a good thing overall...Right? Well, here is the problem: She still wants to get some attention (metaphorical "likes" and "+1") from friends for accomplishing things [...]

Maintenance and Email List Clean Up

I listened to a Freakonomics podcast recently called, In Praise of Maintenance. I liked it because it called out the fact that people are more interested in innovation over ongoing (and boring) maintenance. It's more exciting to build (do) something new than maintain something that's already in place. It hit home with me and the [...]

I just migrated a post from Thrive Content Builder (TCB) to a regular WordPress post. The page size went from 2.1 MB to 1.5 MB. The load time went form about 2.89 seconds to about 1.25 seconds which is about 56% faster. That's a huge win for a pretty straightforward change. I originally used TCB [...]

I'm training for some half marathons next year (2017). I'm not sure which ones yet but I've already started the training. It's going slowly, but I'm getting better, i.e. running longer and farther. I've done a few halfs in the past, the first one in 2008. Then I got interested in going faster a few [...]