Case Study

If you are just joining us, then you should read Rob’s Success Story here. And, the first coaching session is available here.

I sent the task list that I use for niche sites over to Rob. It follows the niche site process as I have laid out previously but with more details.

Rob made a copy of the list and made it his own. (You can download the list here. You need to provide your email address, and if you are already an email subscriber don’t worry…just follow the same link.)

This is the start of a public coaching series that I am starting for Niche Site Project. You may remember Rob from his success story where he talks about one of his sites that is making about $2,000 per month. (If you haven’t read that yet, go read it now. I’ll wait here.)

Rob clearly knows how to build a profitable niche site.

I just wanted to announce the I am kicking off a new case study in the form of coaching.

This coaching process should be very exciting because I will be working with someone with whom most readers should be familiar…

Rob Atkinson was featured as a success story. Rob has a pretty solid set of sites that he is working on. However, Rob mentioned to me that he can use help getting organized.

The last case study update was a couple of weeks ago…

And, we are moving on to stage 2.

The main source of traffic will eventually be organic search traffic from Google. To make that happen, the site will need more backlinks.

We have a few ways to make that happen…

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