Hey Brian,

Thanks for checking out this case study.

I was able to rank #1 for a search term with a monthly search volume of 18,000 in about 90 days.

I used the skyscraper & guest posting to get traction.

And, it worked!​


Here is the overall traffic impact:

Here is the traffic impact for the page we were targeting:

Proof of Rankings:​

Proof of the keyword volume:

​The #1 ranking:

I used a combination of 2 of your techniques:

  • Skyscraper Technique
  • Guest Posting

My partner (Lewis Ogden) and I had issues getting links using the skyscraper alone in this niche - survival - with a previous effort.

So I took a different angle after thinking about the incentives for other blogs.

Other sites wanted quality content MORE than they wanted to update pages to provide better links. 

As always, the content had to be top notch. Then, I went out and got guest posts at several different blogs in the niche.

I placed backlinks within the content to the skyscraper post.

It was simple, and the webmasters were happy to get well-written content.

After some time, the rankings picked up as well as the traffic.​

It would be an honor to be featured on Backlinko. Let me know if it's a possibility and how I can help.

If not, keep up the good work! ​I have you to thank for learning the ways of the White Hat.

I was recently laid off from my project management job of 8 years, and will be launching a service based around Outreach & Guest Posting. And, I have you to thank!

Thank you,

Doug Cunnington​

P.S. We are doing content upgrades on that page, too. So, we are really doing 3 techniques. :)