Reader Questions: Domain Speculation

I received a question from a reader, Leroy,  about an opportunity that he saw a few months back. It was about a particular domain he purchased earlier in 2015.

Here is the email that Leroy sent:


I blurred the specifics here to protect Leroy’s interests. Basically, there was an event scheduled to be held in the future but it was not finalized – just like the Olympics in the coming years. They might be held in one of many cities and no one knows which city.

Leroy bought one of those domains – pure speculation.

The city or location was named as the host, and Leroy now owns one of the exact match domains for the event.

Leroy wants to know what his options are…

I have never been one to get into speculative domain buying so these are just a few ideas that I would consider.


What about you? What do you recommend to Leroy? If you know anything about domain speculation, let Leroy and I know in the comments.

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  • Jack Agnew

    Gene Pimentel is a real master of buying and selling domains. I would contact him. I’ve known him for over 10 years and, like Doug, is one of the “good guys” in IM. I have no affiliation – just Google his name.

  • Kent

    Hi Doug – I had my volume as high as it would go and could barely hear – just some volume feedback. I’ve made money with domains – but have never speculated on an event domain. It would seem that, unless the event is huge and would have a build-up of travelers to it over time – as Doug’s Olympic example – it would not garner a lot of G interest. Is it worth buying it with a coupon for $10? Possibly – you could spend worse money on far worse stuff.

    • Hey Kent, Thanks for the feedback. I had some issues rendering and other technical nonsense. Duly noted!

      I know I’ve spent money on worse stuff! 🙂

  • Doug,

    I guess usually when the domain is associated with something like a sporting event, the developers usually look at setting up a news portal I believe, to provide live updates and anything else related to the event. Maybe Leroy can also tie up (depending on where he lives) as a ticketing agent?

    Just my 2 cents.

    • Hey Ahmed, good points.
      It would basically be a media site which sounds intimidating to a person not in the industry.

  • Hi Doug

    Thank you very much for taking the time to address my question. Also thank you to those who have left comments thus far. I am doing some research and looking at which option is the best use of my time. I will keep you posted on this sites progress. Interest is slowing trickling in.


    • Cool, Leroy. Please do keep us up to date.

      You might be able to partner with a company that would do most or all of the work while you retain the domain ownership.

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