I’ve Been Waking Up At 4:30 AM…

I’ve been getting up early all this week.

And I’m tired!

It’s Wednesday, it’s 4:44 AM, and I’m just getting rolling. I’m halfway done with my first of many coffees, and thankfully, the caffeine is starting to do it’s job.

The thing is, I meant to take naps during the day, after lunch time. But I end up not being able to carve out the time, which is no excuse, or just don’t get a good nap in.

Like yesterday, I laid down for about an hour and never really got to sleep. It was nice to lay quietly in a dark room for a while, but it didn’t help me feel more rested.

I do like getting up early but I like it even more when the average amount of sleep per day is around 7-8.5 hours per night.

I’m dedicating most of the time that I’m up early to work. It’s work on a specific project: Launching Five Figure Niche Site, my premium course. And for that, it’s perfect. I’m making great progress in that specific area. This works perfectly for my personality. I used to do this in college for big, semester long projects.

Here’s a live stream from Day 2 of the 4:30 AM week. I was a little less tired on that day.

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  • Sam

    What time did you wake up before you started to wake up at 4:30 AM?

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