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Private Blog Network Tips


    1. Definitely use separate C Block IP Addresses. Check out this infographic for an example. Basically, if you have a bunch of domains on the same IP address, or even IP addresses that are close to one another (the same C Blocks), it can be very easy see that they are owned by you. Google might notice this and if they do, they might de-index your network.
    2. Definitely use different hosting companies to keep your network harder to detect. This is similar to the first tip. If you have several domains hosted by the same company, it will be easy to detect your network. For less than 10-15 domains, just use $1 – $2 per month hosting companies. It cheap, easy, and scalable for small – medium sized networks.
    3. Definitely put images and videos on your PBN domains. This makes the websites look real and lived in. The main goal is to make the website look real so be sure to embed some youtube videos that are related to your niche, just like a real site. You can do this without any copyright issues as long as the videos allows embedding and most youtube videos are able to be shared.
    4. Don’t use expired domains that have had any kind of spam – Use Majestic SEO and ahrefs to review the historical backlinks. After that, review for other evidence of spam.
    5. Reclaim the link juice from the most popular pages. Find the pages for the old domain that were linked to the most. You can see that easily when you review the backlinks at Majestic SEO & ahrefs. Recreate those pages with original content – do not copy the old content – and you can add your own backlinks to your money sites on those pages. Alternatively, you can create a 301 redirect from the popular pages to the home page of the PBN domain.

BONUS – Domain Brokers

Okay. I promised to reveal some of the domain brokers that I use. Some are affiliate links and I’ll get a small commission if you make a purchase from my link. It won’t cost you anything extra but I appreciate the support! Some are not affiliate links and their services are just good so I recommend them.

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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