Amazon Affiliate Niche Site Case Study Update: Long Overdue

It’s been a long time since the last update (back in September). I’ve been busy since then on a few things, like:

It’s never an overnight success.

  1. Focusing on my guest posting service.
  2. Writing guest posts for other blogs. Those take a LONG TIME to write and each of them is long
  3. Actually working on the niche site for the case study.
106Be on the look out this week for a BRAND NEW case study that I’m kicking off. My friend, Jim, was getting into Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites and I thought I could help out. So, later this week, look for the post. (I was inspired by the Niche Pursuits “Niche Site Project 3.0”, and thoroughly impressed with the amount of content that Spencer, Perrin, & Jake can produce. Now, I can’t compete with that! But Jim and I will be making a great effort at creating a stream of income.)

Another reason I haven’t done an update on this Amazon Affiliate Site Case Study is that it was relatively uneventful. You may see the remarkable revenue stats for certain projects, but it’s never an overnight success. It’s usually several months of work coming together.

The last quarter of 2015 shows some growth but less than banner stats. That’s expect nowadays since SEO takes longer.

Review of the Last Quarter of 2015

Here are the traffic stats from Google Analytics. You can see the traffic was moving up steadily through Christmas, then it dropped in the last week of the year.


Here we have the earnings for the last quarter, averaging over $100 per month from October to December of 2015. Nothing crazy, but it’s good to see the growth.

The conversion rate is really high, and that’s a characteristic in the retail season.


January Earnings and Traffic

The growth is still steady and the traffic seems to be on the rise.

You can see that the earnings dropped a bit for January compared to December. That is totally expected. Some Amazon Affiliate sites get the majority of their earnings during November and December.


I did a Facebook campaign to get email subscribers at the end of January which skew the traffic stats a little bit. You will be able to see that in the graph.


What Have I Been Working On For The Site…?

When you simplify it all down to the core tactics, you have 2 kinds of activities for this stage:

  1. Publish good content
  2. Get Backlinks

It’s like tiered link building for the White Hat age.

Sure, you might have some other work to do if you need to migrate to a new hosting service or change the theme on your site.

But other than that, you are probably adding content and links.

Guest Posting

I published about 10 guest posts in the last couple months of 2015. At this point, I’m doing new guest posts where I link to my old guest posts, plus my own site. It’s like tiered link building for the White Hat age. 

Here is some of the tracking for the guest posts. The number listed is for the Domain Authority (DA).


Like I mentioned above, backlinks and SEO take longer to show their impact than they used to. You can see things are moving up in my SERP Report.


Keyword Research

I did some intense long tail keyword research to find some ideas for content that would rank quickly. This worked great! I was able to publish content that would rank in the top 30 in one day.

Adding Content

After I found good keywords, I would have some content written on the topic. Usually about 800 words with plenty of images and a modest number of affiliate backlinks, like 3. I published about 20 new pieces of content. Each one gets about 1 – 2 visitors per day, which isn’t much but all of that adds up over time. And, sometimes they buy something on Amazon.

Blog Commenting

I do a couple blog comments for every piece of content. (Actually, I’m a little behind on the new content and need to catch up!) Here is how I do it. Basically, you can generate a LONG list of blogs to comment on and some of them are do follow links.

What’s Next?

 Look out for the new case study starting this week. Jim should have a list of keywords to target and maybe more. If you want to learn more about applying project management to building niche sites, sign up for the wait list for the NSP Course.

I should be focusing on getting more backlinks to the existing content on the site. I get excited to do more keyword research, but I need to get the existing content ranking where it should and that will take more backlinks.

For me, that means more guest posting. If you want to check out the templates I use, go here. The results are remarkable and guest posting is white hat and low risk. If you want to build a long term asset, then guest posting is the way to go.

Where are you at for your niche site? Let me know in the comments below.

About the Author: Doug Cunnington is the founder of Niche Site Project. He shows people how to create Affiliate Sites using project management and a proven, repeatable framework. Doug loves creating systems, using templates, and brewing beer (but usually not at the same time).

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  • It will be interesting to watch the case study and how you guys go about it. I have quite a few Amazon sites myself and I believe it is mainly about finding a niche, writing good content and being patient.

  • Looks like we’re in similar boats Doug. My ONE niche site is doing about the same – except my traffic numbers are a little higher and my income numbers are a little lower. I’ve published right around 100 articles so far and am just getting started with my outreach campaigns for link building. I’m actually quite impressed with how well my site is doing with almost NO link building so far… Using 100% outreach to get links this time around. No more black or grey hat stuff. The next several months should be pretty exciting. Hope they are for you as well!

    • Hey Matt, Thanks for checking out the update.

      Whoa! 100 articles – That’s solid.

      About how long are they?

      What’s your target for the total number of articles?

  • I agree with Enda with regards to patience being big factor nowadays.

    I have been focusing on guest posts recently for my own niche site case study and been having great results.

    One GP has actually become an OK source of traffic all on its own whi h of course is an added benefit!

    • Hey Harry, thanks for the comment!

      Guest posting is great! Do you have any secret tips to share?

      I haven’t gotten much traffic from my guest posts but I guess it is due to the industry. Good job on the referral traffic!

  • Irfan Uygur

    Hi Doug,

    Looking forward to your case study, I am sure it will be very interesting.
    By the way there’s something wrong on your page which I arrived by clicking your link on Blog Commenting sub header of this page
    There’s no article, the header of the page, comments are there, but no article
    I just wanted to let you know


    • Hey Irfan, Thanks for the comment! And, even more about the error on that page.

      I don’t know what went wrong on that page, but it should be fixed now. Check it out when you have a minute.

  • Ayyan

    Hi Doug,

    Thanks for nice tips can you shar link of bookmarlet that you use actully url was not visible in video. thanks

  • john


    its amazing that your daily traffic went almost 1,000 daily… my site cant get over 600 daily… but Doug, may i know why you only have $100 monthly earning from those traffic ?

    last january 2016, my traffic is almost 500+ daily yet i earned $1,343
    i really want to know how you get that huge daily traffic…

  • What would you do if you can’t find any guest posting opportunities or creating new articles for a niche?
    I have a very specific niche which made quite a good income from its creation (mid November 2015) until mid December. Now I haven’t made any sales since and it’s driving me crazy.
    I tried guest blogging on a site or two but now I’m a bit lost as to what I could do next.
    I also answered a few quora questions about it.
    Great post by the way I learned a lot here!

  • Simi

    I am newbie and happy to read new case study.

    I have a question. Is google love micro/small niche site now a days ? One primary keyword for static Homepage and few other secondary keywords posts/pages site.


    • Hey Simi, Thanks for reading. You should aim to set up a site that can grow. Microsites are short sited so aim big.

  • Chris

    Really like your site and slowly absorbing everything. For now just doing my own little twist on comment blogging for the past month I’m averaging about 10$ day with a 6.83% conversion. Been brainstorming on actually creating a niche site. Thanks for all the great info!

    • Hey Chris, Thanks for the compliment! Well done!

      What’s your twist on blog commenting? I’m always interested in hearing about what other people are doing.

  • My own niche sites have suffered quite a bit due to focusing on Ultimate Azon Theme and WP ComPEAR. I’m really hoping that following along with this new case study will help me kick it up a notch on my own websites!

  • Abhijat Dhawal

    Hey Doug,
    I have 200 articles on my blog with average 900 words per article.
    The blog isn’t taking off. My per day traffic is less than 100. I have applied the world renowned KGR but still the success seems to fade with passage of time.
    You can check the blog for KGR
    The solution to this query may help many.

    • Hey Abhijat, I don’t review blogs like you’re asking. Sorry!

      But why do you think there is an issue? I would say it’s a competitive niche and topic and you’re up against tough competitors. So maybe you need to improve the content to compete in that niche.

  • Dilan

    Hey dugg,

    Iam new to amazone.affliate . Iam a full stack developer . Iam building my first affliate site. It’s actually a multi nieche site like a review site for products in couple categories. Do I need to have one specific nieche for the whole website to rank? Would it work if I get good content for each of my pages that are built on separate nieches?

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