Just how many links does it take to rank… It’s a common question. If we knew how many links we needed to get a site to rank it would make life so much easier! We would just have a formula of how many links we need to rank a certain keyword for a certain page… So [...]

This is update #6 in the series that outlines the plan to regain high rankings in the search engine results. Last time, I talked about trying a 301 redirect and, well, it didn’t go so well. At least, not at first. Things got better. A quick recap is that I created a new subdomain on [...]

This is a guest post by Lewis Ogden, founder of cloudincome.com. Lewis has been extremely successful with his online ventures and stays ahead of the curve with his “outside the box thinking.” Finding a brandable domain is a hot topic these days. Lewis breaks down what you need to know about finding a great domain name [...]

So far, the progress has been slow. It hasn’t been terrible but I am not where I expected to be today. You might remember from the last update that I planned on having four sites launched within a week. I am not quite there yet… Accomplishments Here is what I was able to accomplish for [...]

It is time for another earnings report. After receiving some feedback from the most important stakeholder – you, the readers – I see that income reports with real income amounts are very interesting to read. I find Perrin’s reports (via Spencer) especially intriguing and I certainly spend a little time checking out income reports from Pat Flynn. [...]

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