Two Fail-Proof Techniques to Streamline Content Production for Niche & Authority Sites

I have a fear of writing. It started in middle school, and got worse in high school when the English teachers would treat me like a moron. (No offense to English teachers! I’m probably sensitive and remembering it wrong.) Then, in Freshman English 101 in college, my professor gave me a D on my first […] Read More

Keyword Research Demo using SEMRush for Niche Site & Authority Sites (works for any Affiliate Marketing)

“There is nothing so terrible as activity without insight,” as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe would say. That’s why keyword research is so important – by doing it, you gain invaluable insight into your competition and market/niche overall. Keyword research is the foundation of affiliate marketing. If you haven’t built your foundation properly, your business will […] Read More

The Payoff: Project Go White Hat, Part 12

Welcome to part 12 of Project Go White Hat. In Part 11, I revealed the winning offer for our site. It was $235,000 all upfront with no long payout plan. This post closes out the series, and I’ll share: Why we sold and didn’t grow the site. The new owner verifies the earnings and traffic. The […] Read More

Success Story of Dave Fox: Music Teacher hits $5,000 in a Month, Starting From Nothing

UPDATE July 10, 2017: Dave is still making about $5,000 per month and has been for over a year. I talked to Dave a few days ago about his outstanding portfolio of sites that provide him with a full time income. Dave updates us and shares his: Revenue numbers for the last few months Tips […] Read More

Sold! We Got the Winning Offer – Project Go White Hat, Part 11

May 2017 was a weird month for me.

Huge mood swings.

My 15 year old dog, Brodie, was dying of cancer.

I was also in the middle of the biggest financial transaction of my life.

I remember walking Brodie one morning, like we do every morning — rain, shine, or subzero temperatures.

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