Beginner hits $100/month in FOUR Months with the KGR, then Hits $100 per DAY

Get my personal KGR Calculator Spreadsheet right here… I interview Jaron who is making $100+ per month for only a 4-MONTH-old niche website. He told me it actually hit $350 in March 2018 after we recorded this. WOW!! Which is super impressive because Jaron is just a beginner, who has recently discovered how to build […] Read More

How Much Do Niche Sites Earn with Amazon Associates

When I first got started with Niche Sites, it really impressed me when I met someone that had a niche site making $2 – $3 per day. I was thinking, if I could just make a few bucks a day, that would be awesome — enough for an extra dinner out each month or maybe […] Read More

Guestographics – Combining Infographics with Guest Posting

When you combine techniques, you’ll often end up with a better and more effective process. Combining two techniques that work well but are overused can be a great way to help you get traction. Click here to watch my YouTube video on the topic. It’s a Live Session so a bit long winded. Are guestographics a […] Read More

Improving Content For Authority & Niche Sites

Alright. You’ve got some content already up on your site… You’re happy with it, however, you want more traffic. Right — everyone wants more traffic. Or maybe your rank on google hasn’t improved and you want it to rank better. A great way for you to improve these things is improving your content. Watch my […] Read More

A Struggle for Productivity – Important vs Urgent

I’m sitting here at my local coffee shop — struggling. I had to close the Chrome tab with my Gmail, two tabs actually, one for each email account. I planned on writing a bunch but my habit of checking and sending emails is strong. Closing the tab was the only way. That little banner incrementing […] Read More

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