The Keyword Golden Ratio: Best Keyword Research to RANK in Google

The Keyword Golden Ratio is a Keyword Research concept I developed after combining ideas from some very smart people. The concept is simple but I made the formula accessible by making it simple and nearly foolproof. Get my personal KGR Calculator Spreadsheet right here… Watch this video for a description or scroll down to read […] Read more

Scaling Content for Niche & Authority Sites

I got laid off in a couple years ago. It was a surprise after working at the same company for nine years. All signs pointed to a stable job — I even got great performance reviews. A year later I was free from the job I hated, but I needed to grow my Amazon Affiliate […] Read more

How to Hire Writers for Niche & Authority Sites (without stress)

I didn’t realize I have a superpower until earlier this year. I can fly. Just kidding! My superpower is… I can hire several freelance writers and editors to work in parallel without stress. It takes focus and concentration just like anything worthwhile, but it’s a powerful skill with niche and authority sites. This is part […] Read more

How Long Should Content Be For Niche & Authority Sites

Ever struggled with how long content should be on your niche site? “When creating content, be the best answer on the internet.”   —Andy Crestodina Well, get ready, because I’m about to share what makes affiliate websites successful. Their formula for success is simply to create timeless and valuable content. If you prefer watching a […] Read more

Two Fail-Proof Techniques to Streamline Content Production for Niche & Authority Sites

I have a fear of writing. It started in middle school, and got worse in high school when the English teachers would treat me like a moron. (No offense to English teachers! I’m probably sensitive and remembering it wrong.) Then, in Freshman English 101 in college, my professor gave me a D on my first […] Read more

Keyword Research Demo using SEMRush for Niche Site & Authority Sites (works for any Affiliate Marketing)

“There is nothing so terrible as activity without insight,” as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe would say. That’s why keyword research is so important – by doing it, you gain invaluable insight into your competition and market/niche overall. Keyword research is the foundation of affiliate marketing. If you haven’t built your foundation properly, your business will […] Read more

The Payoff: Project Go White Hat, Part 12

Welcome to part 12 of Project Go White Hat. In Part 11, I revealed the winning offer for our site. It was $235,000 all upfront with no long payout plan. This post closes out the series, and I’ll share: Why we sold and didn’t grow the site. The new owner verifies the earnings and traffic. The […] Read more

Success Story of Dave Fox: Music Teacher hits $5,000 in a Month, Starting From Nothing

UPDATE July 10, 2017: Dave is still making about $5,000 per month and has been for over a year. Get Dave’s Outreach Template here. I talked to Dave a few days ago about his outstanding portfolio of sites that provide him with a full time income. Dave updates us and shares his: Revenue numbers for […] Read more

Sold! We Got the Winning Offer – Project Go White Hat, Part 11

May 2017 was a weird month for me.

Huge mood swings.

My 15 year old dog, Brodie, was dying of cancer.

I was also in the middle of the biggest financial transaction of my life.

I remember walking Brodie one morning, like we do every morning — rain, shine, or subzero temperatures.

Starting From Scratch – Summer Update 2017

Jim started working on his niche site in February 2016 and it’s all been documented in the Starting from Scratch Case Study. The goal is to start from nothing and hit $2,000 per month — See all the posts here. He’ll have a record month in June. This update covers: Weird Metrics (that don’t actually […] Read more

Listing the Site With Empire Flippers – Project Go White Hat, part 10

This is one of the most important updates in the Project Go White Hat series. You’ll see the valuation of the site, plus the complete listing and some offers from buyers!  It answers one of the main questions about the whole project: Are White Hat Links are better the Gray Hat Links for a valuation? […] Read more

I’ve Been Waking Up At 4:30 AM…

I’ve been getting up early all this week. And I’m tired! It’s Wednesday, it’s 4:44 AM, and I’m just getting rolling. I’m halfway done with my first of many coffees, and thankfully, the caffeine is starting to do it’s job. The thing is, I meant to take naps during the day, after lunch time. But […] Read more

Acceptance – Project Go White Hat Update, Part 9

“They’re gonna wire the money in a few days.” “Hell yeah!” I said. This series is about converting a site from Gray Hat to White Hat. Be sure to check out the previous 8 posts if you haven’t read them yet. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part […] Read more

Will My Competitors Copy Me? Predictions!

I have a course called Five Figure Niche Site, and there are other courses like it. I am adding two new bonuses to my FFNS course. Very few people know what they are. Will my competitors copy me? Well, funny thing…I made some changes to my course offering about a year ago and a competitor […] Read more

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