Reader Questions – Session 2

I get lots of emails about various questions. I reply to everything…well, I reply to as much as I can. I know if one person has a question then a lot of other people do too. Here are the questions for today: What theme should I use for a new niche site? What name should I […] Read More

Ongoing Earnings for April 2014

It is time for another earnings report. I realized that it’s just about the end of May and I have not  published the April revenue yet.   If you are new to Niche Site Project, you might be wondering why I am sharing these earnings from the Amazon Associate program. I am sharing because I understand […] Read More

Case Study Update – Some Rankings Already…

It has been a few weeks since my last update on the Case Study on using new domains versus expired domains for brand new niche websites. I want to make sure that I provide updates that are meaningful where I have something compelling to share. (Or at least, slightly compelling…) I finally have some data to […] Read More

Sold! $10K

I decided to sell one of my niche websites. The decision to sell a website is a tough one!Should I go for a big payday right now?Or should I stay on the ship and ride out the journey?To end the suspense, you can tell from the title of the post that, Yes, I sold the site. […] Read More

Reader Questions are Answered

I am trying something a little bit different this week: A video update!  Please let me know what you think. I was fun shooting this and it might be a nice way to mix things up in the future. Mentioned Links Why C Block IPs matter… Cheap Hosting HostNine Reseller (affiliate) Link […] Read More

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