Case Study Update – Slow Progress

So far, the progress has been slow. It hasn’t been terrible but I am not where I expected to be today. You might remember from the last update that I planned on having four sites launched within a week. I am not quite there yet… Accomplishments Here is what I was able to accomplish for […] Read More

Ongoing Earnings for March 2014

It is time for another earnings report. After receiving some feedback from the most important stakeholder – you, the readers – I see that income reports with real income amounts are very interesting to read. I find Perrin’s reports (via Spencer) especially intriguing and I certainly spend a little time checking out income reports from Pat Flynn. […] Read More

Case Study – New vs Expired Domains

I will be starting 4 new niche sites. I am excited about initiating a new, mini portfolio of Amazon Associate websites. I will be using the same format and methods as my currently profitable websites. I have a two niches in mind that seem to meet the minimum standards for me. The niches have very […] Read More

Ongoing Earnings for February 2014

You might remember last month the earnings dropped from the stellar December stats. The drop in earnings was not totally surprising for a couple reasons – 1) the retail season skews the normal sales and earnings quite a bit, and 2) the site dropped in the rankings a few spots in January. Well, February marked […] Read More

Transcript: Niche Pursuits Podcast (Episode 26)

This is the transcription of the Niche Pursuits Podcast – Episode 26. Spencer, thanks for letting me post this interview here.   Welcome to the Niche Pursuits Podcast. Are you ready to discover some niche business ideas that actually work? Well, it’s time for a motivational kick to jumpstart your next big idea. Here’s your […] Read More

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