Updated: 11/25/2013, 8:30 AM ET and 11/26/2013, 3 PM ET The latest reports seem to be updated and fully accurate. Niche Site Melt Down I have a slightly unhealthy habit of checking the Amazon Earnings Report each morning. Usually the numbers are updated by around 8 AM ET and I can see the newly shipped items, [...]

I asked Matt Allen, my friend and passive income expert, to help me out this week. He is a keyword research savant and has been making a splash in the niche site world over the last year. Matt has a good example of how successful internet marketers are using informal project management techniques without even knowing it. [...]

Focusing on ONE project can make you ultra effective. I want to tell you about how I built a website and earned over $1250 in a single month.   Update: The overall earnings for 2013 were even higher. Allow me to digress first…. You are probably similar to me – I am always finding new, interesting [...]

Because it works. If you apply project management (PM) to your niche sites, you will be more effective, efficient, and you will  complete your endeavors. Actually, if you apply the techniques and skills to any of your projects, you have a higher chance of success. Project management adds structure around your tasks to ensure that you [...]

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