Conversation with Diggy of Viperchill

I was able to spend a few minutes in December talking with Diggy, who works with his business partner Glen Allsop at  It was a real pleasure talking with Diggy since he has a wealth of information about SEO and internet marketing in general.  He’s just a nice guy and if you have a […] Read more

Project Risk Management for Niche Websites

Developing a proactive approach for managing risks increases the success of your projects. The end result is minimizing losses and maximizing gains. Using risk management methods allow you to address problems sooner and avoid reactionary responses. Definition of Risk Risk is the effect of uncertainty on objectives, whether positive or negative. Objectives can be time, […] Read more

$70k in Amazon Affiliate Earnings from ONE Site

[updated June, 2018] The original post was published in 2014 and covered my earnings from my first year in 2013 of affiliate marketing with Amazon Associates. The punchline is that I made over $10,000 in about 6 months from my first Amazon Associate Site. I’m updating this post in June of 2018 and I’ve been […] Read more

The Beta Release of Niche Site Project Management

The Beta release of the book will be available on January 14, 2013. The Beta Release has sold out. Thanks to all the buyers. There will be a very limited number of coaching packages available.   […] Read more

Working on Multiple Niche Sites at the Same Time

Thinking of replacing your full time income? And maybe a portfolio of sites can do it for you? If you can manage multiple projects at once, you have a better chance at pulling that off. Here is an example of someone who has obviously mastered this skill: Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income.  Take a […] Read more

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