The goal of this case study is to convert a Gray Hat niche website to a White Hat Site. It’s extremely challenging overall and few people even attempt it. WHY? Here is a great example of what many people think, and I’m going to pick on a friend of mine, Matt Allen, who stated it well: [...]

Welcome to the Winter 2017 edition of the Niche Site Project Update! If this is the first NSP update that you’ve seen, you might be lost so let me tell you how this post works since it’s different than a lot of the other content. There are two parts: Personal Updates Niche Site Updates I [...]

Bam! Amazon earnings down over 34%. Overnight. With just one email. There were of rumors about changes to the Amazon Associates Commission Structure for weeks. I found out in my mastermind group initially, and it was clear that some affiliates were going to have major changes.  Sign up for a free webinar on “The Changes to [...]

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