Case Study Update – The HOTH Platinum – Results so far…

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This will be a quick update for the case study. A couple weeks back, I did some keyword research for my niche site.

I checked out a handful of long tail keywords, and I realized that the pages that were ranking in Google were not optimized for those keywords.

I wrote some content to better serve the visitors that would search for those terms and published immediately. As a follow up, I built some links using Web 2.0s. Here is the 6 Step Plan that I am following for link building.

Well, more accurately I outsourced the link building to the HOTH. They are in the middle of the process and the Platinum package is set to be finished on September 15.

Let’s take a look…

The HOTH Dashboard

So I logged into the HOTH to see what the status was.

This is what you see when you login.


Disclaimer: If you find this helpful, I definitely appreciate it if you use my affiliate links to the HOTH. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask and I would be happy to help out.

I clicked on the “View Orders” button on the far left.

The Status of the Package



You can clearly see that I went with the HOTH Platinum package (click to see how I order the HOTH). I believe that is the best value – I can supply 3 URLs to link to.

I can also supply 5 keywords to be the anchor text. That is great for anchor text diversity.

I am targeting 3 specific posts on my site, and each post has a keyword along with some secondary keywords. Some are long tails. Some are larger search volumes and way more competitive.

The Results so far…

Everything is ranking higher. Some keywords are dancing around a lot with some movement everyday.


This keyword is a long tail and is a buyer’s keyword. As you can see, the page is just outside of page 1. It may as well be on page 101 as far as traffic goes. It is up 5 positions on the month which is great.



This set of keyword terms has more volume as you can see on the last column. The top keyword, showing 27 here, bounces a lot – going from 21 to 27 each day. I hope this movement will stabilize soon and it will. That particular page is the one that I just created a couple weeks ago. See that the term has moved 58 spaces in the last month. It may need a little more age.



This one is a much bigger series of keywords. Again, some are pretty light on search volume, but a few of the terms have a lot of traffic especially when you look at the aggregate total. Like normal, you see the daily movement. The overall trend is up and that is a great sign.

Other Results

Rankings are great to look at, but we actually MUST get a return on our investment. In this case, I am looking at Amazon Affiliate earnings.

To give you a baseline, this site has only made about $20 total in June and July.

Abysmal. And, I can only blame myself for neglecting the site.

I am happy to share an uptick in earnings!

It is a modest amount so far but I like the trajectory. Some sites have the ability to grow earnings exponentially early on.


Final Words

The HOTH Platinum package should be complete by September 15, maybe sooner. I expect the rankings to climb for a few weeks after they finish up the work.

It is great to see some movement already. Part of the movement may be attributed to some on page SEO tweaks also. Unfortunately, when you make changes and build links you can’t quite tell where the impact came from.

About the Author: Doug Cunnington is the founder of Niche Site Project. He shows people how to create Affiliate Sites using project management and a proven, repeatable framework. Doug loves creating systems, using templates, and brewing beer (but usually not at the same time).

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  • Ahmed

    Hey Doug,

    I have been following you for sometime now. Have definitely learned a lot m8. Thanks for the update. Can you, in a future update, share your review format? I mean a post where you show us how your WordPress review post is structured? It will be great learning for all of us.

    • Hey Ahmed, thanks for the kind words. Sure – do you mean describing what I include in a post like this one?

      • Ahmed

        Hey Doug,

        What I meant was, I would love to see a sample product review on any of your niche site. Now of course, that won’t be possible because you would not like to share your URL. So, can you write a post here detailing how you write your reviews on your niche sites for best conversion/ user experience?

  • The last couple of times I’ve used The Hoth Platinum, I didn’t see hardly any movement at all. But I didn’t mind spending the money to get those Web 2.0’s built and pointing at my sites, along with all of the other social signals that The Hoth builds in with the Platinum package. Add nice diversity to my backlink profile.

    I’ve had far more success using Hoth Blitz and have seen plenty of movement when purchasing those links. I think Hoth Blitz is a much better use of my money (better ROI) – although I will still use Platinum at least once for each new site that I build.

    Looks like you’re definitely headed in the right direction with this site. If you keep at it, you should be ranking by the holiday buying season! Is this site based around a product that should typically do better during the holidays?

    • Hey Matt, Thanks for the comment. I actually left out a big detail – thanks to Lewis for asking some questions!

      I had 3 VERY weak PBNs pointing at the posts and the HOTH package is pointing at the PBN posts. It is like I describe here, to limit risk when using PBNs.

      I will have to correct that in the post later today.

    • Matt, Isn’t the HOTH Blitz just a public network? Any idea of the risk level?

  • Hey Doug,

    Great update!

    I’ve never used any of the Hoth packages packages before because it just doesn’t seem worth $250 for some newly created Web 2.0 sites and some Socail signals. However, I do see the benefit in diversifying your backlink profile.

    The keywords that have reached the 20’s from the Hoth alone are looking prime for a pbn link or two. I would think gang would bring those keywords top 5 easily.

    Also, it looks like your items are converting really well on Amazon which is nice.

    Good post man!


    • Thanks, Josh! HOTH also puts some lower level tiers to boost UP the new blogs.

      They usually end up with a PA in the high 20s to low/mid 30s after a while. I have some that are still that high after over a year. About 10% get made as spam and the accounts are shutdown over 6 months. Those are rough time frames since I don’t check too often.

    • Kirt

      Thanks for the overview of the initial boost from HOTH.

      Pretty awesome to get 19 SERP rankings (& increases) from 3 pages/5 keywords/1 HOTH package.

      Are you going to update the rankings on your blog?
      Do they have a refund policy if X number or % of the web 2.0’s/ETC pages/urls don’t stick (end up getting deleted)?


  • angela

    Hi Doug,
    I noticed on empire flippers the website you sold was penalized. For that website you were using the Hoth… do you think that could be the reason? Also, I’m trying to rank inner pages that are very low comp. What do you think, if I use the Hoth mini package for 1 url and 2 keywords with the main url and a generic keyword… could that push the rankings from page 2 to 1?


    • Hey Angela, Great question. No, I don’t think the HOTH had any impact at all. I had many, many PBN backlinks and was sharing my network with a few other niche site owners. That was a bad idea.

      So, these days I build fewer PBN links and each network is only linking out to ONE money site.

      • angela

        Thanks Doug! So, are these links from the HOTH PBN links? Are these HOTH links still safe to use on my inner pages in your opinion?

        Thanks again

        • So I get the HOTH Platinum, not the PBN links. The only PBN links I get are from my own domains – it reduces the risk.

          Public networks can be okay, but at some point most networks will have an issue.

        • Oh, and to answer your question: Safe is a relative term. I would stay with the Platinum Package for my own niche sites.

  • Robert Atkinson

    Doug – glad to hear the HOTH is helping your site!

    The HOTH has been very kind to me as well. 🙂 In my opinion, they do a pretty good job of shielding the heavy hitting backlinks with the Web 2.0 buffer.

    After a few months, I threw a few of the Tier 1 Web 2.0s into Moz and they had a PA of nearly 40. The PBN/high PR links they send on Tier 2/3 are pretty darn strong (but “risky”).

    Keep an eye over the next month when the HOTH gets completed. That’s when the real movement happens! 🙂

    • Randika

      Hey Doug and Robert,

      I just complete my first Amazon niche blog and right now i am at link building step. I’m glad to be able accomplish until this step and just wonder about the hoth to help my site rank faster but I’m afraid to buy the hoth so that I come to your review.

      My question is is it safe to using hoth for new niche blog? Thanks

      • Hey Randika, Thanks for checking out the post!

        So the HOTH or any link building service will have risk. However, the HOTH definitely works and very well. If you use it, your site will be at a higher risk for a penalty.

        You have to decide your risk tolerance…If your site is brand new, then it’s not so risky since you probably aren’t making any money yet.

        Hope that helps.

  • Monique

    Hi, do you have a follow up to the results for this? Interested in seeing what happened.

  • Would love to see a results follow up Doug.

  • Hi Doug,

    I’ve just build my first site and now I’m moving to building backlink stage. According to your review and comments, the Hoth obviously has its risk if I overuse it; however, I want to ask, for a new site like mine, whether the platinum package is too risky because it appears to be unusual for a new site having too many new links. Furthermore, do you think the hoth mini will have a notable impact for keywords having low/medium keyword difficulty?