I was able to spend a few minutes in December talking with Diggy, who works with his business partner Glen Allsop at  It was a real pleasure talking with Diggy since he has a wealth of information about SEO and internet marketing in general.  He’s just a nice guy and if you have a [...]

Developing a proactive approach for managing risks increases the success of your projects. The end result is minimizing losses and maximizing gains. Using risk management methods allow you to address problems sooner and avoid reactionary responses. Definition of Risk Risk is the effect of uncertainty on objectives, whether positive or negative. Objectives can be time, [...]

This has been an unbelievable ride so far.  The initial goal that I set was to create a website that made $300 per month on a consistent basis within 4 – 6 months.  The site beat that mark after just two and a half months.  After that period, the earnings have been unpredictable in a [...]

The retail selling season is great for affiliate sales.  I knew things would be good but the results are unbelievable. Traffic is increasing and is far higher than my initial estimates. Visitors are buying more and more items. I would not have been able to predict this rate of sales growth even if you told [...]

Update: As of Dec 16th, all of the alpha copies have been spoken for. If you are highly motivated, very interested, and if there is a cancellation, then I can accept another person. Please just let me know by completing the contact form below and I will review each case. The alpha version of the [...]

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