How To Build An Email List of 567 in a Week

About the Author: Doug Cunnington is the founder of Niche Site Project. He shows people how to create Affiliate Sites using project management and a proven, repeatable framework. Doug loves creating systems, using templates, and brewing beer (but usually not at the same time).

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  • Doug that’s awesome mate, been playing with Facebook traffic myself recently seems like a solid investment at 60c a subscriber – just make sure you have a funnel in place ready to monetize them all!

    • Hey Steve – thanks! Yeah, that was the part I knew I didn’t have ready…the back end of the funnel. I did have a couple slightly related offers but they didn’t convert well.

  • Doug – this post is wicked and kind of has me fired up! I’m building a list for one of my niche sites and I have a lead magnet that is converting like crazy with just the organic traffic. I’ve thought about trying FB ads to increase my daily subscribers – except that I don’t have a solid monetization plan for the list yet. Still experimenting. When I figure out how to properly monetize that list – I’m trying this FB thing for sure!

    • Hey Matt – Thanks for checking it out. Yeah, once you know what you can make from a subscriber, then you know how much you can spend per lead.

      Do you have a tracking pixel in place so build a custom audience? That makes it so much easier to run a campaign…plus, you can create look alike audiences based on an existing audience, too.

      • No idea what a tracking pixel is or what it means to “build a custom audience.” Can you say that again in English please? j/k – I simply don’t have the time right now to figure out more stuff like this. But I know I’ll have to when and if I decide to start utilizing FB ads.

  • Great tips Doug!
    I have been using facebook pixel for long time, but never utilize it in campaigns yet.

    • Hey Yaro,
      Thanks for reading the post. Is there any reason why you haven’t used the audiences yet? Just curious…


      • My traffic isn’t great as you have and I was busy with plugin development.
        I will setup facebook pixel on all niche website and I will start playing with it soon!

  • wkhojoseph

    Great tips dough! I shall try it

  • I’m going to give this a try for NinjaOutreach, we’re just getting into paid advertising – thanks!

  • Doug, I’m impressed by how you got your CPC so low – and you’re not even using a squeeze page.

    I’m experimenting with some ads at the moment that I send to a squeeze page where I’m hoping they’ll sign up for my free course teaching them more about the subject (which is basically a 11 part autoresponder). I have tweaked the squeeze page, tweaked the writing, tweaked the images, but I’m unable to get the CPC below $1.50 which isn’t really viable for me at the moment. Maybe it’s too salesy at the moment. I have language in there saying that this course is normally valued at $xxx dollars, offer will expire shortly, etc.. Any thoughts?

  • Thanks Doug, I’m going to try this for one of my niche sites..

  • Art Manville

    While this is a good tutorial and valuable to anyone wanting to learn Facebook advertising. You failed to make the case that this is a good idea for Amazon affiliates. I personally think the time and money is better spent on killer content articles of 2,000 words or more and spend all your focus on getting ranked in google.

    You have a list of 500 people but not much income to show for it and unlikely they will produce much in the future. Once again, a valuable tutorial but paying to build a list in this niche is not a good plan for anyone but an authority pro and maybe not even them.

    I also, don’t think you can pay for any advertising either. Right now we are averaging around $3.00 for every order that is placed on Amazon and our conversion has been running just over 7%. And I think around 60% who come to our website end up at amazon. So a thousand visitors who come to our website will return around $126. Or 12.6 cents each. If you could get clicks for 10 cents or less that converted as well as Organic search maybe but I doubt it.

    Put all your money into quality content and guest posts and be patient.

    • Hey Art, Great counterpoint and comment.

      I did a poor job of monetizing after building the list…I only had a small autoresponder series in place. I had too many projects going at the same time.

      Now, if you look beyond just Amazon then you may be able to find other affiliate offers that payout more – thus making it worthwhile. Your point is well taken though.

      • David

        Doug, I have to agree with Art. I have seen lots of information about list building, etc. but I have seen nothing that shows it has a positive ROI for Amazon Affiliates. I have tried the email approach in many different Amazon niches. Between the cost of acquiring the list and the cost of paying the email service it never made sense. I have found a better use of cash was to use targeted FB ads to a fun product page on my site and drive sales from there. Never made a LOT of cash with that method but at least it was cash flow positive.

  • Jenny

    Thanks Doug,
    We know that e-mail marketing brings extra success for affiliate marketing. on my niche site, i’m using this proccess

  • Thanks for the insight Doug. Especially the lessons learned, not many people would share some of their mistakes. A good actual case study. I often think about adopting Facebook Ads to gain emails, traffic, product conversions, ect, but you actually did it, fantastic! I think it’s worth the effort to trial, it can be a good way to hedge Google updates to keep the traffic coming in. Again, nice post and thanks for sharing, definitely helped me out.

  • James

    Thanks for the nice case study Doug. The point Art makes hits home with me though. I don’t know of a decent resource online that makes the case for effectively using email marketing for Amazon Niche sites. If you know of any I would love to know what they are or maybe that could be a future post!

    Keep up the great work.

  • Doug:


    Great content. I have been thinking about using facebook ads but I was overwhelmed with the whole process. Thanks for explaining it so well in plain English.


  • Hello Doug,
    Thank you so much for sharing with us your success story with FB ads and also for giving access to your ad copy. This will certainly spark our imaginations to create our own ads.
    Thanks again,

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