Morning Routine (An Update)

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is-waking-up-at-4am-sustainableI shared my morning routine few months back. The main things involved waking up very early, having coffee and meditating. (Read the post here: A Morning Routine That Will Transform Your Entire Day)

morning-routine-500wWell, a few months have gone by so I can comment on the longevity of the habit of waking up at 4 AM. Everything was going quite well for a while…

…up until Sunday, March 8.

I didn’t think much of that date until later on that week. But it got a little awkward to wake up that early after that.

Check out the video to hear:

  • What changed on March 8, 2015
  • If I wake up at 4 AM every single day
  • Why routines don’t have to be rigid

Do you have a morning routine?
Or, do you want to have a better morning routine? If so, what would you change?
Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Tao Schencks

    Morning Doug! 😉

    I have started to get up at 6am each day and spend around 1 hour working on something, before the rest of the family get up and I have to start making school lunches, breakfast and pulling everything out of the cupboards, looking for my Son’s missing school shoe.

    I always do the same thing, make some tea and say hello to my cats, tidy up the kitchen a little (quietly) and then sit with my laptop near to some natural light and start working.

    I have found it useful, mainly because of the feeling of accomplishment I get so early in the day. However, I definitely need to have something planned for me to do, otherwise I start to drift into Facebook or something rather than working. I have also started closing down all of my open applications in the morning, apart from my Trello page, so that when I crack open the laptop, what I have to do is “in my face” and I will be less distracted.

    It is not sustainable for me though.

    It just makes me feel fuzzy all day and sort of half-asleep all of the time. My mood is also not benefiting from this either and I can feel myself getting grumpier all the time.

    Perhaps I will try to only do it on a few days a week, like you do – and see what happens. I will need to weigh up the downside of feeling like crap all the time, versus the feeling of kicking myself constantly for not achieving anything.

    • Hey Tao, Thanks for the comment.

      I can totally relate to your fuzzy feeling & I get that way too. There is a simple solution – so simple that you probably overlooked it.

      You should just take a nap in the afternoon!

      Just kidding, of course. I do get that same tired feeling though, especially later in the week.

      Dialing it back to just 1 or 2 times per week should be helpful…you already know that.

      Dumb question: can you go to bed earlier at all?

      • Tao Schencks

        Hmmm – I could probably get to bed earlier, but it’s not easy – especially with Game Of Thrones coming back on soon 🙂

        I guess I am stuck in that trap of wanting to stay up late to watch TV and be with my wife, but also wanting the earlier starts to get my own stuff done.

        If I could just find a way to stop feeling so rough all the time, it would be ok. I just feel like my head is wrapped in cotton wool after a week of getting up earlier. I know there is a lot of other things in my life a the moment that I need to concentrate on fixing (relying too much coffee, not enough exercise, stress, depression, anxiety) so I can’t say for sure that the way I feel is definitely because of getting up early.

        • Gotcha. Game Of Thrones. 🙂

          Rest is super important! So, if you are feeling foggy then the early mornings may not be a great thing to do.

          I wonder if 1 day a week would be manageable – you could have all the other days to get pumped up about what you’ll be working on.

          After all the highest priority is probably spending time with family…not working super early in the morning alone.

    • ohiorick

      “However, I definitely need to have something planned for me to do, otherwise I start to drift into Facebook or something rather than working.”

      I found a piece of software that blocks sites I choose. It’s called StayFocused. My time waster was going to the comments section under editorials of the local paper’s website.

  • ohiorick

    Interesting. I’ve found the same thing to be true…getting up early is a good way to get lots of stuff done. I’ve found it actually reduces stress…a number of times, I’ve thought of something I need to get done and have that moment of anxiety before I remember, “Oh…wait…I’ll be able to get it done tomorrow, no trouble.”

    I shoot for a 5:30am get up time. That’s pretty sustainable for me with the occasional 6am or 630am sleep in. I’ve tried a 430 alarm but I find that’s not sustainable.

    On weekends I get up at 630am. I find that helps keep the weekday wake up sustainable. Even on vacations, I like to get up that early and read.

    But, yeah, getting up earlier is a straightforward way of increasing one’s capacity.

    • Hey @ohiorick:disqus – I think I may have to dial it back to 5:30 (or forward depending on your perspective) over the summer.

      I totally agree about keeping a reasonable waking time for the weekends.

      It is much easier now that I am not out till 3 am on a weeknight. 🙂 That was a LONG time ago…

      …like when I had a massively receding hairline rather than the current bald head that I’m sporting now.