Niche Site Project Management – Content Creation (from the book)

Niche Site Project Management

A Complete Guide to Creating an Amazon Associate Website Using Project Management Methodology

This post contains most of the Content Creation chapter from the book, A Complete Guide to Creating an Amazon Associate Website Using Project Management Methodology.

The front page content of my Amazon Associate site is one of the main reasons that it has done so well.  Visitors spend just under 2 minutes on the overall web site with a 71% bounce rate over the last month. When I dive down, I see that visitors spend almost five and a half minutes (5:28) on the front page.

I can’t provide any real facts or figures on whether that is good or not. I can tell  you that I don’t spend over 5 minutes on a website very often.

Initially, I recommend 2000 words for the front page.  After you have some product review posted, you can go back to the front page post and add more.  Eventually, I added another 2000 words which was easy after I studied and reviewed many products.

The alpha release is December 17th and available copies have been taken. There may be cancellations so let me know if you are interested just in case.

Content Creation


The content on your site is important for two reasons: 1) This is how you bring value to the user and 2) This is what Google uses to determine what your website is about. It is your opportunity to add value to the internet. You should only publish original content (content created by you or someone that you hire). This is a phase that you can compress, meaning shorten the time required to complete it, by outsourcing. You can have all the content written for you while you are working on installing WordPress plugins and setting up the website.

Front Page

The goal for the front page is at least 2000 words in the first article. If you hire a contractor for the front page, you should still expect to spend time making edits. That is not a bad thing since you will be able to tailor the article specifically in your voice and add your own commentary.

In the theme settings, select to have this page as the homepage of the site, NOT most recent posts.

I like to approach the front page article with a short intro about the site followed by a question and answer format. Use the keyword in the Title and the Meta Description of the page. Many products lend themselves to a table format for easy comparison of features, specifications, etc…

Write normally without considering keyword density or placement. If you write normally, you will naturally use the keyword and long tail keywords. If you hire a writer, give them a topic with a general outline of what you want included. However, refrain from putting any specific criteria for keyword usage as it is better to add that in afterwards when you are editing.

Keep the following guidelines in mind:

• 1% or less of the targeted keyword.

• Use the targeted keyword within the first paragraph – use the keyword phrase.

• Use the targeted keyword within the last paragraph.

• Use the targeted keyword at least one time in an H1 or H2 heading. Use a Q&A format and format the questions as H2, and you will undoubtedly use the keyword throughout the front page.

Writing Reviews

Write reviews for top products on Amazon for your niche. It’s helpful to select 3 – 5 items from various price ranges. I like under $50, under $100, and over $100 but it depends on your specific product. It might be tempting to select the most expensive items but a mix is best. If you sell more items (even inexpensive items), then you can move up to the more rewarding tiers of the affiliate program

A good goal for your first round of content creation is at least 10 articles. At this point your website is starting to fill out and look lived in.


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