Niche Site Starter Kit

Black Friday (weekend) Sale

This is a huge discount on several items you can use to start your own niche site.

But the kicker is the bonuses that I'm offering.

You might see these discounts from other affiliates - But you will not see these bonuses from anyone else.​


Watch the video below to see how simple it is to use

Easy Azon, the Ultimate Azon Theme, and Long Tail Pro

Let's break it down...


If you order any 1 of the items

You get access to the Niche Site Project Video Course for free.

$27 Value


If you order any 2 of the items

You get the Niche Site Project Management Book & the NSP Video Course for free.

$84 Value


If you order any 3 of the items

You get the Niche Site Project Management Book, Plus the Gantter option, & the NSP Video Course for free.

What is Gantter??

$144 Value


If you order any 3 of the items, PLUS hosting from Blue Host

You get a 60 minute coaching session with me, Niche Site Project Management Book, Plus the Gantter option, & the NSP Video Course, all for free.

$341 Value

** You do need to use my affiliate links to make the purchase. I get a commission if you purchase through my affiliate links but it won't cost you any extra.

To claim your bonuses, just send me the email confirmations from each of the products you order.

I will take care of the rest!


Long Tail Pro

My buddy Spencer, of Niche Pursuits, pinged me last week on Skype to let me know about the 50% off discount for Long Tail Pro from November 28th - 30th.

It will only be $47 and it normally retails for $97. Spencer doesn't offer discounts for Long Tail Pro often.

I have to credit Spencer with giving me the idea to offer these bonuses over the Black Friday Weekend. It occurred to me that this is the perfect "bundle" of niche site products!​

​The Ultimate Azon Theme

Dave Nicosia released his Ultimate Azon Theme a few weeks back. It is fantastic so far.

It's great out of the box without fussing around with confusing options.

The theme is also optimized for Amazon Reviews. I can't do it justice so be sure to check out all the features here.​

The Ultimate Azon theme is discounted until November 30th too!

It is only $39 right now.

That price will go up on December 1st to $69. ​

One key thing that Dave did was to ensure his theme was 100% compatible with Easy Azon...​

​Easy Azon

I've been using Easy Azon since last year. It makes adding Amazon links super easy using WordPress.

Easy Azon also has a great call-to-action​ option that stands apart from the normal Amazon boxes.

Click here to learn more about the Easy Azon features.

​Blue Host

Lastly, I have hosting accounts with several different hosting companies.

I started out with Blue Host after learning about them from Pat Flynn. They have fantastic service - which is GREAT when you manage to crash your website. 

(I've crashed more than one site myself...It happens!)​

I'm currently using the WordPress Optimized hosting with Blue Host.​ It's far superior to the standard shared hosting. 

Why? Well, they have a fraction of the users on the WP Optimized servers compared to the Shared servers.​

The result is a much more secure and generally faster website. I highly recommend Blue Host.​