Ongoing Earnings for April 2014

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push-earnings-feb-2014-nichesiteproject w280It is time for another earnings report. I realized that it’s just about the end of May and I have not  published the April revenue yet.


If you are new to Niche Site Project, you might be wondering why I am sharing these earnings from the Amazon Associate program.

I am sharing because I understand that you, the readers, are investing time here by reading content. Perhaps you are using the concepts that I am presenting to take action.

You should be taking action!

I tell you about the ideas, strategies, and methods that I am executing. I want you to know what is working and what is not working. It is my responsibility to be transparent and honest with you, and to let you know how I am performing each month.

The big news in April is that the niche site #2 went up for sale…And it sold! We won’t talk too much about that since the funds did not hit my account until May. If you’re interested, here is the post documenting the sale for over $10,000.

We see a bit of revenue coming for the main money site but we still have not been able to return to the top 5 of the search results. The most alarming part is that the site is now making less than $50 per month. WOW! I am working on getting the site to improve in the rankings but it is still proving to be difficult.

Let’s get to the report for April!

Amazon Screenshots

Let’s look at the cumulative earnings for both of the websites that we are tracking.

Main Money Site – Cumulative Lifetime Earnings

Of course, this is the website that we have been watching for a while. (Here and here via Niche Pursuits.)


Second Money Site – Cumulative Lifetime Earnings

So this will be the last big month with earnings for this site since it has been sold.

Now, let’s take a look at the monthly earnings for both sites…

Main Money Site – April Only Earnings

Second Money Site – April Only Earnings



Like I said before, “WOW!” The main money site has dropped from its previous glory of over $6k in one month last December. $36 is not much in the grand scheme of things.

We also see that the second money site has dropped a little bit as well. It’s not totally unexpected since the niche has a bit of a trough in the search volume during this part of the year.

Let’s check out all this data in another form – tables and charts. We’ll be able to see the growth over time as well as the decline in some cases. 🙂


Overall Amazon Earnings (Both websites)


Overall Amazon

Next, let’s look at the main money site all by itself.

And, here we can review the second money site.



Overall, April was a mixed bag. We have the main money site − the site that pulled in a few huge months − dropping down to fairly meager earnings. I’m still working on getting that site back and I’m doing this in the background. I am hoping to share some news on that site soon. So, that is disappointing…

However, using the same formula and process, the second money site continued to perform very well! I am glad I took the steps to sell that site even though we don’t see the revenue impact for April.

What did I learn?

I learned all about selling a website. I worked with the guys at Empire Flippers to help sell the site. That went extremely well. I’m very happy about how well the website transfer went, too. I didn’t have to do anything in regards to exporting or importing the WordPress content or transferring the domain.

I see that we may not have a site that is earning significant money for the next few months (as it stands) since the second site was sold. That does trouble me a bit…and it seems like the income reports might be a little boring if that is the case!

I have the case study websites in progress right now. I believe those sites are a still too young to start earning yet…There might be a chance in the next 1 to 2 months to actually generate some revenue.

As always, your comments are welcome and very appreciated! Just ask below…

About the Author: Doug Cunnington is the founder of Niche Site Project. He shows people how to create Affiliate Sites using project management and a proven, repeatable framework. Doug loves creating systems, using templates, and brewing beer (but usually not at the same time).

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  • JimMandoli

    Hi Doug

    Your earning reports make people like me keep blogging, although money is not coming in hordes. Still, this gives me the required motivation to never give up, which is something (niche) bloggers desperately need nowadays.

    Keep up the great work, and talk soon!


  • Richard Adams

    While traffic to my Amazon niche site is still *very* low, I’m starting to see some rankings appearing. Hopefully they’ll continue rising over the forthcoming weeks as Google discovers the links I’ve built. I’m finding quite a “lag phase” at the moment between building a link and seeing the reaction in the SERPs so it’s a little bit frustrating.

    On the upside, the new site just sold it’s first product so I’m looking forward to digging a little deeper into my experiences and writing an update over on my blog. So far things are going well though I’m taking a “slow and steady” approach to link building so the growth is a little slower than I’d like…

    • Hey Richard, thanks for the comment.

      Congrats on the first sale on that site! Always good to see that…on some ‘other’ site I have, Niche Site #3, we just sold the first 2 items this week. 🙂 I know the feeling!

      So how old are your sites? I know this “sandbox” period we hear about is not very predictable.

    • I have also experienced those lag periods. It is quite frustrating, and it can be anywhere between two weeks up to a month.

  • Mike

    Hey Doug,

    Thanks for the income report, very interesting.

    That Main Money Site is quite perplexing — the life-cycle of that site could be worth an entire, mammoth post in its own right, from the beginning, to making $6k in one month, up until today. Is it still on Page 1 of Google, or has it dropped off?

    I know you mentioned that you built additional PBN links to it, and that still didn’t do the trick? Just goes to show that backlinks can only take you so far.

    Speaking of backlinks, I know you’ve mentioned Link Viking before. For their individual posts, which have a DA of 45-49, do you know what the average PA of those are as well? I remember saying that you tested them out before, was just curious about the PA.


    • Hi Mike, Thank you for the comment and glad you enjoy the income reports.

      That Main Money Site is quite perplexing… You’re telling me! 🙂 I think you’re right too. Something like “The Rise and Fall of an Amazon Affiliate Site…”

      I hope I could write a sequel post – “The Resurrection of a Fallen Site.”

      The site is just off of page one right now…for a little while it totally dropped off the map. That’s right, the extra backlinks didn’t greatly improve the rankings.

      For Link Viking, I don’t know the PA but in general they are probably about 7 – 10 points higher than the PA. If you email them, they can give you a few more details. Let them know I sent you there.

      Thanks again

  • Rahat Bashar

    Why did the income from Amazon drop so much? Is it because your rankings dropped?

    If so, what position was you ranking before (when you were generating a lot from Amazon) and what are you ranking now for your main keyword?

    • Hi Rahat – thanks for the comment.

      Generally, yes, that is why the earnings dropped so much. Page 2 might as well be Page 25 if you think about traffic.

      At one point the site was #1…and right now, it’s ranking in the teens, on page 2.

  • This post fits well into the discussion Spencer is having on his blog now regarding when to scale. I would have never imagined the $6k site would have tapered off that fast… it a seasonal product?

    • Hey Scott – How’s it going?
      The site dropped in the rankings so that is why the earnings are so low.

      I think that the search volume and general purchasing is lower in general this time of year but that’s not really a major factor in the earnings right now. It’s all related to rankings and traffic.

  • This is a long shot guys and I may potentially upset a few people with the following statement, but here goes…

    I am starting to wonder if Google doesn’t rank sites according to what’s trending right now… I mean, it’s not as if Google brought out another zoo update right after Dec, right? Which means it’s hard to point out that your site got specifically penalized for something, or am I wrong?

    It’s just too apparent that you had such high earnings in December which is the highest shopping season throughout the year. I’m not sure, but would it be so hard to believe that Google wants to put results in front of their ‘clients’ that others love, recommend etc (what’s trending)?

    Something to think about…

    I guess we’ll see the weight of this statement when the shopping season arrives again, won’t we? Keep the faith though, as a site that once earned that huge can’t be totally worthless all of a sudden now that it’s not earning as much as it did – the potential should still be there, hidden deep down perhaps, but still there.

    • Hi Ruan, Interesting theory…

      I am starting to wonder if Google doesn’t rank sites according to what’s trending right now…

      Do you have any specific case that make you think that?

      There are multiple other niche sites targeting the same keywords in the top 5. So I think don’t think trending is the reason. Essentially, my site moved from #1 down to about #10-15…It’s not so much a penalty as just a relatively small drop in rankings.

      I think it was a combination of on page keyword density and off page anchor text for the backlinks, plus a few factors that are not apparent. I think a data refresh was probably the reason that the site made it for a long time without any issues.

      Thanks for the encouragement! I appreciate it.

      • No, not specifically. I took a shot into thin air with your specific case as nothing is apparent. I won’t rule out “trending” being a factor in rankings, however small it is, which is just another way of saying “I think a data refresh was probably the reason that the site made it for a long time without any issues.”

        You’re probably right with what you said above since there are other niche sites ranking at the top. 🙂 A larger penalty doesn’t make sense then.

  • Quite a drop for that site… From a financial perspective I wonder if that site is best left in the dust. I feel that if it were me I may still keep the site going to see what I can learn from it, but I wouldn’t expect it to make it back to #1 without pouring some heavy money into it.

    • Hey Josh – Good points. I’m pretty much with you on that….

      However, I know the content is good enough to rank and more importantly convert sales. I hope I can get it to rank again by this fall!

  • Rober

    Nice to see your success. Good Luck with continued and improved earnings Doug

  • Are you still able to get the full 20x of last 90 days when selling sites that are under a year old?