Ongoing Earnings for January 2014

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It has been a little while since the last earnings update. The earnings for 2013 were outstanding! You can read about all the details here. Overall, the Amazon Affiliate site produced earnings that shattered all of my expectations.

Most recently, you might remember that the website took a small hit in the rankings, dropping from #1 for several keyword phrases to #3 or beyond.  Some of the keywords even dropped so far that they do not even show up on the first page for the search engine results.  The analysis to get the site back up to #1 is still ongoing.  You can read more about the current analysis so far here.

The Site is Still Profitable

The drop in rankings amounted to a nearly 50% drop in traffic.  It is worth mentioning that the search volume also drops in January by about 20% based on the date available at Google trends.

I’m happy to share that the site is still making sales each day…and is still quite profitable.

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Even after the drop in traffic the site is still making sales.

Even after the drop in traffic the site is still making sales. January 2014 Total Monthly Earnings


The sales have slowed quite a bit since the beginning of January. The reduction in traffic is certainly making a big difference.

There is no doubt about that.  However, I feel very confident that I will be able to get the site back to the number 1 position.  Once I get back to number one, I think I should see an improvement in the overall sales.

Current Plan for Improving Rankings

I am actively adding more content to the website. I have a couple writers that are producing lots of content – faster than I can process it. There will be plenty of new articles and reviews that will be posted in the next few weeks. I expect that Google will look favorably at new, fresh content.

The other piece of the puzzle is link building. I’m currently testing out a source of backlinks that I will be reviewing in an upcoming email. I hope that getting a few high Page Authority (PA) backlinks will help the rankings too.


Have you seen any rankings updates? Do you have any suggestions about improving my ranking for my site?  Let me know in the comments below!

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About the Author: Doug Cunnington is the founder of Niche Site Project. He shows people how to create Affiliate Sites using project management and a proven, repeatable framework. Doug loves creating systems, using templates, and brewing beer (but usually not at the same time).

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  • Roberto

    Hey Doug, thanks for the update. It’s so nice to see that in january, even after the ranking drop, you earned over $1000! You really stumbled upon a golden keyword. And it’s just one project… you can really skyrocket your earnings by managing multiple sites/projects… and still earning a nice $1000 of passive income every month!

    • Hey Roberto! Thanks. I was very happy to see it was still a good month. I don’t know if Feb will be as good but the site is still safely in the black generating (mostly) passive income.

  • Curt

    Doug, thanks for keeping us in the loop and being so transparent.

    I saw a similar drop and haven’t yet got back to the top spot. I’m adding new content and will be adding more links this month, hopefully it’s just a matter of boosting the authority from some good links. Sure we’ll both be back on top in the next couple months.

    • Hey Curt – Thanks.
      Yep, there is nothing wrong with a few more links. 🙂

  • doug stewart

    Great post thanks Doug (also nice name :)) I was wondering if you figured out what the cause of the drop in rankings was? In any case there is never anything wrong with adding more great content. This can only be seen as a good thing.

    Also January is usually a quieter month than December anyway, though it probably wouldn’t have been this quiet for you. I’m sure come the next xmas shopping season you’ll be back and doing better than last December 🙂

    • Hey Doug –
      I haven’t been able to pinpoint the exact reason for the rankings drop. I think that is the case most of the time. It may be that links have gone away or have been archived.

      I plan on adding more links and perhaps doing more outreach to related blogs.

  • John Gibb

    hi Doug

    That sounds awesome! So, I guess you’ll be looking to invest in some private blog networks to speed up the link building and traffic increase, or maybe something else like expired domain re-directs?

    John Gibb

  • Charles Marabella

    thanks for keeping us in the loop! Although its a bummer about the dip, it will be very interesting to see what strategies work for bouncing back!

    • Thanks, Charles.
      It will be a challenge to get the rankings back but I know it will be worth the effort.

  • Hey John – Sorry this comment was hung up in approval.

    Private Blog Networks are very interesting to me right now. I have some sources that I’m checking out. I expect to have some good info to share soon!

    I probably won’t do any expired domain redirects exactly.

    Do you have any experience with redirects?

  • Winston

    Doug, I was wondering what hosts do you suggest for money sites? Are they the same as most of the others, ie. hostgator and bluehost, or are there other ones that are reliable, have good uptime and fast servers.

    • Hi Winston – I am just using bluehost & godaddy for now. However, I know that WP Engine is a very good option if you actually significant traffic on your site. It’s significantly more expensive though.

      It is something that I might look into…my site is actually pretty darn slow which isn’t helpful for rankings or visitor satisfaction. Both of those definitely impact conversions and traffic.

      What other hosting are you considering?

      • Winston

        At the moment there are a few, though I can’t seem to figure out which are legitimate ‘reviews’ or not. Here are some I’m considering.



        they’re more or less at par with hostgator & bluehost when renewal time comes, though some higher some lower on initial cost due to discounts.

  • I read that you’re starting your own blog network like me 🙂 I think that’s definitely going to be the way to go, since you’ll have the power to test keywords at will.

    Keep growing and building those sites 🙂

    • Hey Josh – Thanks for stopping by. Yes, PBNs seem like a good move right now. 🙂

      • John Paul Paquibot

        Doug, its amazing that you were able to rank your niche site without much help from PBN .. ive been reading a lot about pbn and the bidding price is killing me

        • Thanks, John. I understand what you mean about those auctions! I found a couple nice domains that were available for hand registration via

          The really good domains are usually purchased. Or you find them on your own.

        • John

          Hi Doug,
          Thanks for sharing the registrar, ill check it later …

  • I think I’m going to go for private blog network too. I’m having some hard time with my own niche websites. Some are easy to rank while others are really hard so PBN could help a lot.

    • Hey Carlo – Definitely. A PBN is really powerful but also a lot of work. Have you started the process yet?

      • Yes I have started already. I’m on the research phase now. I’m on a tight budget so I think I’m going to start with 5 and let’s see what happens next. By the way, thank you for this post.

  • John Paul Paquibot

    I think you really picked up a very good keyword, i can see that even though it only has 5,400 monthly searches but your traffic and earning is reasonable enough…

    I’m starting to understand clearly why you earn $6,000 while the rest only get $1,000 even though they have more exact monthly search using keyword planner …

    its all about the product ….

    • Hey John, Yes, you’re exactly right. I have met a few peers that have seen the same kind of results as me…or even better. My results might not be common but there are others out there that are finding success too. Good luck on your site!

      • John

        wow, i thought you are the only one that gets $6,000 in 1 monthly alone from amazon … care to share those peers personal blog ? not their niche site ..

  • John

    May i know if you think that the gap between your link building activity, has somehow affected the deranking after Google started to index all your links?

    let say you started building links on
    September 1 with let say 10 links
    — 1 day gap
    september 2 = another 10 links
    — 3 days gap
    september 5 = 10 links
    — 2 days gap
    september 7 = Google indexed 15 links so there are 15 links not indexed yet = still okay with Google rules
    — 4 days gap
    september 9 = 10 links
    — 2 days gap
    september 11 = 10 links
    — 14 days gap <—- widest gap —- seems natural which Google likes
    september 25 = you build another 10 links
    october 1 = build another 10 links
    — back to 3 days gap
    october 3 = build another 10 links
    october 5 = Google indexed all you 80 links then tag you as spammed link building

    that there should be 5 to 10 days gap between link building activities
    and the number of links should vary from 1 to 10 links every LB activities

    What do you think of this concept Doug ?