Podcast Start Up Cheatsheet

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What microphone, headphones, and editing software do you recommend for beginners?


Both of these will connect to your computer via USB and have XLR connections too.

Basic: Audio Technica 2100x. Great for travel and basic recording.

Advanced: Shure MV7. Perfect for the studio. I have 3 of these.


If you need to record remotely, then a recorder will be perfect.

Zoom H1n or Zoom Podtrak P4 for multiple mics (need XLR mics)

The P4 or P8 require XLR cables and microphones.


Basic: Audio Technica MX30 – I have 3 of these for the studio.

Adv: Sony Pro MDR7506 – These are a bit more comfortable than the MX30s.


Descript – It is amazing! It creates transcripts for audio or video. I use it for everything now. You can export audio or video. It masters the audio and makes it sound great. You can edit short form videos and export for TikTok, Reels, or Shorts. It also creates timestamps for your YouTube videos.

What hosting platform do you recommend?

It’s pretty much a commodity so you can pick any host. I personally use Castos for 2 shows.

My new show requires dynamic ad insertion, so here are the options.

  • https://megaphone.spotify.com/ Pricey $100/m
  • https://www.podbean.com/ Cheaper $30/m
  • https://transistor.fm/ Cheaper $40/m

I will likely use Transistor.fm since it has the features that I find most useful.