Seth Godin: 30 Days of Genius

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Chase Jarvis of Creative Live put together this great set of 30 interviews. I’m consuming them slowly (sometimes while on the treadmill) and taking notes on them (not on the treadmill). The series is awesome.

Seth is interesting. You won’t read one of his books (18 BEST SELLERS) or watch one of his talks, then know exactly what to do. You’ll definitely want to do something, though.

  • You will be inspired and exceedingly motivated.
  • He’ll get you fired up.
  • You’ll want to jump out of bed and get to work.

Tim Ferriss asked him about his writing practice and what tools he uses. Seth told a story and Stephen King’s pencil. The point is that the pencil, the tool, doesn’t matter. It’s the practice and showing up everyday. Figure out your own practice and do that.

You won’t get actionable tactics. I’m convinced that Seth wants to inspire people that can solve problems on their own. Learn what they need, when they need it. It’s a cool concept considering it self selects people that are motivated and smart. It attracts people that want to solve problems and can deal with the frustration of working an a problem.

Here is the interview with Seth by Chase Jarvis of Creative Live. Check it out.

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