Should I use a silo structure on my site?

Probably not. If you’re not familiar with a silo structure, it’s a well planned out way to architect your site. It leads to a very organized structure and URL structure. (Read the gory details here.)

Sounds great right? Well, it is in theory (like communism), but in practice, it’s really hard to plan out. You’ll do your best to plan out the structure, and then, your assumptions will be wrong somewhere along the way. It’s hard to change the structure after it’s in place — while it’s possible, you’ll end up with a bunch of 301 redirects to make things right.

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The silo provides some really great SEO benefits. But when you peel back the layers of the onion, you’ll see that you can get the same benefits with less planning and more flexibility.

I recommend you just interlink your site really well. That means you should:

  1. Link to old posts from your new posts.
  2. Link to your new post from your old posts.

Number 1 is pretty easy because you can do that as you go.

Number 2 is harder because you have to constantly go back and add links to your old content.

The general idea is that you’re passing link juice (i.e. authority) throughout your site.

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