Summer – August 2016 Update

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I haven’t posted in a little while and I want to explain. It’s summer time here and there are lots of outdoor things to do where I live.


There are things to do – like walk outside.


And I like walking outside so I’m doing that more.

Plus, I’ve had some “life events” going on so I’ll explain.

Now, if you’re interested in tactical, how-to information, then this post may not be for you. There is a key take away that’s more important than a tactic.

As Peter Gibbons said to Michael Bolton in the classic movie Office Space:
Michael, we don’t have a lot of time on this earth! We weren’t meant to spend it this way. Human beings were not meant to sit in little cubicles staring at computer screens all day, filling out useless forms and listening to eight different bosses drone on about about mission statements.

I realize this post is self-indulgent and it’s less tactical. So if you care to read on…

Here’s What I’ve Been Up To

Looked for a house

My wife and I moved to Bozeman, Montana from Atlanta, Georgia last summer. We rented an apartment for a year. It was great since it was brand new and my office had a ridiculous view. But it was time to move on and we started looking for a new place.


It was a great view and you can barely see the mountains in this picture.

We found a town home in the same neighborhood on a quieter street. We closed in about 30 days – just about as fast as possible!

Moved to a new house

The timing worked out great as far as when our old lease ended and the closing date on the new house. However, my wife had to leave on a business trip for about 10 days leaving me with the chore of moving!

Luckily, I have a truck and the old apartment was just 100 yards from the new house. I called in some favors and had people help me move the big items. And I have a kegerator which also helps motivate people to assist in the move – you just have to serve the beer AFTER the moving is done!

Installed new flooring

The floor in the new house was a cheap, builders-grade vinyl flooring and was poorly installed. So I decided to put in new laminate flooring, and I’ve never installed it before. Just like anything, you can learn how to do it with a search on YouTube.

Here’s one palate full. I had to make 2 trips to get it all home.


And, my dad my nice enough to fly here to join me in the adventure of installing the flooring.

We did take a day off and go to Yellowstone National Park. Here we are at Old Faithful Geyser.

old-faithful-aleHere’s the flooring after we finished up.


I’ve taken more days off too. I used to work a lot on the weekends, but I’m really tapering off.


It’d be silly not to list and proclaim some goals here.

Niche Site Goals

Don’t start any new sites
This is easy enough to not do since no action is needed. BUT if you have been around for very long in this internet marketing arena, then you know how it is. You see an opportunity everyday – things you think you HAVE to take advantage of. It turns out you can wait and it’s better (at least for me) to focus up on fewer projects.

Add 10 pieces of content per week for one niche site.

This has been going well. I have been adding a great deal of content over the last 6 weeks. You can see some of my ideas about how to hire writers here.

I also have 2 editors to help too. Well, here is what the team could look like if you wanted to do the same thing.


Why am I adding so much content?

To get more traffic and revenue in the retail season. If I publish content now, it should have time to rank by the October to December time frame. At least I’m counting on that. I don’t need to hit home runs for ALL the content. I just need 10-20% to do well.

Personal Goals

I said this was a self indulgent update so here are my personal goals for August.

10,000 steps per day for August
My wife started counting her steps when she rediscovered our GPS watch. It’s a cool watch and has a heart rate monitor – I used to geek out on the stats when I used to run a lot more.

My iPhone captures the number of steps you take in the Health app. I normally don’t like it when Apple forces an app to be installed, this one seems okay.

Most of the time I get in a decent number of steps, but less than 10,000 per day on average for the year. So, now that I’m tracking it I’m going to set some goals.


My wife and I will walk 10k per at a minimum. So far, so good!


Hike more – like at least one 3+ mile hike per week
I live in a pretty cool city and state. There are 100s of miles of trails within 30 minutes of my driveway. All I have to do is go there.


If you noticed the 20,000 steps from the other day, here is what it’s from – A hike to the top of a mountain. It was about 5 miles and the views were amazing!

And, while I’m hiking I won’t be listening to any music or podcasts. There’s something really important about not filling your brain with new ideas constantly. I didn’t realize it.

You really need time to process your thoughts and have time to think. It’s critical. I resisted for a very long time, but reducing the inputs to your brain can be important.

Plus, when you hike around here where I live there are grizzly bears.

They don’t normally go after people but if you walk around remote areas you may sneak up on them. That’s not a good thing and your sense of hearing is very important out in the wildness. So that’s another good reason not to wear earphones while hiking.

What’s the Point of All This?

Don’t forget why we’re working on these online, location independent projects.

Freedom with your time

You can spend more time with your family and friends.


I haven’t been playing guitar as much as I used to and I’m not all that good, but I played some over the weekend.

Freedom with your money

You can take a day off if you want or eat out at a restaurant when you want. Perhaps you want to enjoy fancy beer. It’s one of my favorite pass times. (I’m a National Level Certified Beer Judge & award winning homebrewer. I really geek out…)

dark-prophet pivo

The POINT of all this not to be busy all the time or work hard all the time. Working harder is okay, but working hard is not the goal. When you’re working on something be sure you know why you are doing it and if it actually helps you reach your goal.

What have you been up to this summer? Let me know in the comments below.

About the Author: Doug Cunnington is the founder of Niche Site Project. He shows people how to create Affiliate Sites using project management and a proven, repeatable framework. Doug loves creating systems, using templates, and brewing beer (but usually not at the same time).

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  • Jim

    Yeah buddy! Welcome to MT, where there’s always better stuff do than work 🙂

  • Thank you for reminding us of why we do the Internet business thing.

    I just came back from a 1 week “business fast” where I simply enjoyed life and did nothing business related. The week was amazing and now I’m ready to go and kick ass online!

    Also I just watched a Gary V. video about August and he says that August is the perfect month to Hustle HARD because everyone is slowing down, but also a great month to spend time with the fam if you’ve been hustling hard and need rest.

    Great post Doug!

    • Hey Ilya, Thanks for checking out the post!

      A 1 week fast – Great Idea. I need to do that, too.

      I saw that Gary V video also. Hey, so why does Gary always sound so mad, like he’s pissed off at you? I guess he’s highly motivating for some people, but I don’t like it when people yell at me. Sure, I usually agree with his overall point, but for me he seems to angry in those videos. (I’m sure he’s more warm in person.)

  • Casey

    We been camping and hiking. I am over in WHIDBEY Island WA. Great pics! House and views look great. Congrats

    Love the blog thanks

    • Hey Casey, Great to hear from you. Thanks for the comment. Whidbey Island looks fantastic! See you around the blog.

  • Hi Doug, I enjoy your articles! They provide inspiration as I build my new venture. It’s about choosing a lifestyle the allows you freedom to work on a beach in Thailand or a Airbnb in Bucharest! All summer I’ve been building a coffee subscription wholesale service in Los Angeles and Medellin.

    • Hey Daniel, Thanks!
      Coffee wholesale? Sounds interesting – how’s that going? I love coffee!

  • Hey Doug – I don’t think I could ever get tired of those mountain views! I’d be hiking more and working less too if I had access to trails and views like that. I had no idea you moved to the great northwest. Is this your first time mentioning that to your audience? Besides grizzlies – keep an eye out for squatches too. Bigfoot is real man!

    As for me – I’m working harder than ever. I still keep my priorities in check and leave plenty of time for family. But we are also moving, although not across the country. Same area of the same city – just upgrading to a much nicer home. Good Day!

    • Hey Matt, thanks for stopping by. It is super nice here.
      I think I may have mentioned the move in passing, but never got into it much. We were just traveling through at first and then decided to stay.

      Bigfoot – Hahah! Have you seen anything, Matt? In the UP maybe?

      Congrats on the move! When is that happening? Very exciting.

  • Wow, what a change in scenery! I’d have a hard time working too with those amazing views! Besides that, it’s nice to recharge the batteries. I’ve found that sometime the recharge is more valuable than grinding some days (in moderation of course).

    It’s funny you mention a new idea and the feeling of you gotta act now or it’ll be gone. Have the same emotions, the next ‘new shinny object’ phenomenon. Staying focused on the current projects and seeing them through is very difficult. Nice to know I’m not alone. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Todd, It is amazing around here. Every time I walk outside it surprises me. Back in Atlanta there were lots of trees everywhere so you really could see much, unless you were near a road. Then you’d see a long line of traffic. 🙂

      New ideas can be the worst thing for actually getting things done. Cutting back on podcasts has been a great thing for me. Executing well on an “okay” idea can be better than a weak effort on a “great” idea.

  • Steve Lanning

    Quick request, Doug,
    I’ve enjoyed following you since I got on your list.

    As a native Idahoan, and Boise State alum, I’m glad to see your move to Big Sky country! You and your wife can take a drive one day via Lolo Pass or Lewis & Clark pass and see what Idaho is like when you can.

    Now, as to business…

    I wonder if you would suggest your niche multiple site option for us. We are building a B to B organization, church related, that is getting larger as to the potential market each time I ponder over it. I don’t want it to get out of control as we have a very limited budget starting out and limited hands–but both could increase rapidly once launched!

    I wonder if I could tell you what we’re planning via your e-mail and you could give us your recommendation? Just shoot me an e-mail with GCB Project as the subject line (e-mail with your name) and I’ll shoot you back as to what we’re planning, OK?

    I know there are also a lot of tempting trout streams within a short drive of where you are, but answer when you have time, fair enough, Doug?
    Thanks much!

    • Hey Steve, great to hear from you. Actually, we need to say that’s it’s terrible here in the mountains and COLD. No one else move here. 🙂

      Sounds like an interesting project. I’ll write you soon.

  • This may be the best post I’ve read on your site, Doug! I feel like I’ve just learned so much more about you – certified beer judge and award winning home brewer, whaaat? 🙂

    Scenery looks pretty good up there, but I bet the winters are brutal, no?

    • Hey Shawna! Yeah. I really like beer. 🙂

      The winters are cold, especially compared to the South. But the cold keeps people away. Now, the upside is the hot weather (which I don’t like) is shorter in the summer and it’s not humid. Humidity is another thing that I’m not a fan of.

      Thanks for checking it out. Perhaps a quarterly update like this is in order.

  • Randy

    Those 10 pieces of content I’m guessing were more reviews/monetized pieces? Or were you doing a mix of review/info.

    I also liked the laid back nature of this post. When I got down to the beer part I started thinking that you’re living “the life” most people want. We don’t really need to have much more than the freedom to enjoy our time doing the things we like with the people we love. FFNS gives us a path to possibly get to a similar spot and avoid the grind created by other peoples rules, we can work on our own terms.

    • Randy, It’s a mix of content types, but mostly reviews. I actually want to have more non affiliate content in the future.

      Thanks for your comment too…Normally, the actionable content is what I aim for, but that gets dry after a while.

      Talk to you soon!

  • The floor looks great Doug, fantastic job!

    Also, congratulations again on the move, so jealous it looks beautiful around there buddy and it’s great to see you are taking some time off to focus on personal development and to relax and soak in some of that fantastic scenery!