Electronics Niche Site For Sale

Here’s some info:

  • The site made $4,035 in 2021, $1,300 in Dec. (screenshot below) It also earned from Amazon UK ($270) and CA ($230) in 2021.
  • It’s not seasonal, but people buy a lot in the retail season. It’s a fairly narrow electronics niche.
  • It’s all Amazon Revenue, no display ads are used.
  • 74 Posts – I think it’s about 50/50 info vs product review content. (I can’t remember right now)
  • Traffic is up about 130% year-over-year from Dec-Jan. (screenshot below)
  • It’s a site I bought from a student in Dec 2019. I added some content in 2020 and improved other posts. The site earned $2,600 in 2020, about $1600 in 2019.
  • In the first half of 2021, I added content (working with a vendor) for a case study that fizzled out. You might remember some of the podcast episodes. (DS212 & DS230) Or this blog post with more info.
  • Created on 2014-02-15 (8 years old), and you can see the traffic since the beginning. (screenshot below)
  • 93 ahrefs health score. DR6. 64 dofollow Referring Domains. I think a handful aren’t that great and are just those spammy links that show up. There were about 12 links built during the case study with the vendor noted above. With a DR of 6, you can imagine there aren’t really any meaningful links.

Why am I selling?

  •  I don’t like to have too many projects going on at once.
  • I have another site that I want to put more time into, in a topic area that I’m very interested in.
  • A new owner can grow the site. The site is a consistent earner and has been growing. Someone just needs to put in the time and effort.
  • I’m ready to move on and let someone else work on it.
  • I can use the funds on the other site I’m more interested in.

What’s included?

  • Plan to grow the site, which is mainly to add more content and build some links.
    • I’ll supply competitor analysis, including keyword reports from ahrefs to help plan the growth.
  • Enrollment to my courses Site Growth Plan ($397) and Multi Profit Site – Advanced ($1,188)
  • Site + Domain Registration until 2024. I just renewed it for a couple more years.
  • 2 hours of transition consultation to be used within 2 weeks.

I want a quick, all-cash deal. We can save on broker fees too!

I’m looking for $15k – $18k, which is a 40x – 48x multiple.

But if you include the courses, it’s right in the ballpark. It’s a proven and consistent earner too.

Since we’re not working with a broker, I’ll ask for 2 pieces of info to protect the site and the new owner from people just phishing for info on the site.

  1. A refundable deposit ($500) to get more information
  2. Proof of funds, so please send a screenshot of a bank acct to cover the cost. Please blur out the critical information. I want to keep the site as private as possible.

The site made $4,035 in 2021, $1,300 in Dec.

Traffic is up about 130% year-over-year from Dec-Jan.

Created on 2014-02-15 (8 years old), and you can see the traffic since the beginning.