Simplicity – Removing Thrive Content Builder from a post

I just migrated a post from Thrive Content Builder (TCB) to a regular WordPress post. The page size went from 2.1 MB to 1.5 MB.

The load time went form about 2.89 seconds to about 1.25 seconds which is about 56% faster. That’s a huge win for a pretty straightforward change.

I originally used TCB to make the page more interactive and have more bells and whistles. Things like icons, richer looking bulleted (unordered) lists, and some buttons that triggered popups. Well, turns out that stuff really didn’t matter all that much.

TCB is a slow, bloated interface, like all visual composers. They have their place like building landing pages fast, but holy shit every visual composer that I’ve used is such a pain. They are buggy and I’ll leave it at that.

The bad part is the post in question (The Niche Site Process) is one that I want to update often and even minor updates present an issue with TCB. So, it kept me from making updates. As I was making the updates this week, I thought I should check to see how hard it would be to actually make the migration.

I did the following which turned out to be SUPER easy.

  1. Viewed the post.
  2. Copied the post content and pasted the content in a Google Doc.
  3. Lightly edited to get rid of white space and TCB elements.
  4. Used a tool called (allows you to export from Google Docs to WP) to export to WP.
  5. Lightly edited to ensure it looked how I intended.
  6. Added some optin areas and Calls-to-Action that used to be TCB elements.
  7. Published the content.

It all took about 30 minutes. Now, I have a much small page that loads faster! I’m not scared of making updates to the post anymore.

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  • I’ve always avoided content builders like Thrive for the slow loading bloated pages like you said. So many people use Thrive.

    That’s why in my newest theme, Income Galaxy, I created a lightweight content builder that loads on the front end just as fast as a regular “post”. It doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that Thrive has, but has enough to create compelling page layouts that load fast.

    Great daily post here Doug!

    • Dave! thanks for checking it out. (your comment was marked as spam at first but I found it…)

      Yep, and Thrive is exceptionally clunky. The more options you have the slower things are. There’s no way around it.

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