17 Amazon Affiliate Sites – Real World Examples & Traffic Stats

Looking for examples of Amazon Affiliate Sites? You’re in the right place! Let’s look at some real examples of actual Amazon Associate sites. You’ll have a chance to get 1,000s of keywords that they rank for. Disclaimer: I have sites out there and have lots of friends with sites so I’ve taken great care to NOT […] Read More

Can I Create a Site by Publishing Content & Never Building Links?

Short answer: Yes, you can publish content for your affiliate site and completely ignore link building. But you should build links and otherwise promote your site. Let me explain why and give you some ideas to promote your site to get links, without directly building backlinks. Quick Analogy Imagine a restaurant opens that’s out of the […] Read More

6 Figure Business Ideas You Can Start TODAY

Here’s how my first service business started… When I was 12 years old, I wanted a CD player so I asked my dad if I could get one. “How will you buy the CDs if you get a player?” my dad asked. “I don’t know,” I said. My dad said, “Well come up with a […] Read More

E-A-T: Make Your Affiliate Site More Credible and Trusting

How can you make your affiliate site trustworthy? That’s what this post covers, and why you want to earn the trust of your visitors and Google. You learn about the: The so-called Medic Update Google Rater Guidelines and E-A-T 3 Ways to Demonstrate and Borrow Expertise and Authority 6 Ways to Build Trust The Medic […] Read More

7 Ways to Actually Improve Conversions For The Retail Season

Most affiliate sites make a lot of money over the retail season — November and December. It’s especially true when you have an Amazon Affiliate Site. People buy a lot on Amazon and as an Amazon Associates member, you get credit for everything in the cart when the customer places an order. It’s the biggest […] Read More

Where Do You Find and Hire Writers?

I remember when I sat down to write the first blog post on my very first niche site. It was exciting, yet scary. I was looking at the cursor in the WordPress post editor. I struggled my way to 500 words, filled with mistakes. Fast forward just three years to 2016 and I was publishing an […] Read More

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