17 Amazon Affiliate Sites – Real World Examples & Traffic Stats

Looking for examples of Amazon Affiliate Sites? You’re in the right place! Let’s look at some real examples of actual Amazon Associate sites. You’ll have a chance to get 1,000s of keywords that they rank for. Disclaimer: I have sites out there and have lots of friends with sites so I’ve taken great care to NOT […] Read More

How to Improve Keyword Golden Ratio Post Ranking

  I got a question about Keyword Golden Ratio… “My brand new site is 3 weeks old and the KGR is ranked at 16. How do I move it up in the search? Any tips?” If you are unfamiliar with Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR). It’s essentially the supply and demand of keywords. You can rank […] Read More

How to Stay Motivated

I had just emailed a client. He was thrilled with my work and wanted to buy more of my services.



Actually, no. I felt drained and tired.

I launched a guest posting service in 2015 because I was good at it and I wanted to see what it would be like to run a service business.

The service was on pace for a six-figure year with just me working part-time, plus a freelance virtual assistant working about 10 hours per week. So business was good and growing, but something was off.

My motivation was really low for this growing business.

Why is it “hard” to hire writers and freelancers?

“Focus on a few key objectives … I only have three things to do. I have to choose the right people, allocate the right number of dollars, and transmit ideas from one division to another with the speed of light. So I’m really in the business of being the gatekeeper and the transmitter of ideas.” […] Read More

Pastor Hits $1,000 per Month (within 10 Months) with the Keyword Golden Ratio

In this video, I interview my friend Duke, who has an awesome success story using the Keyword Golden Ratio. He recently hit $1,000 per month and has some serious trajectory since he’s publishing a lot of content! Click here to get all my templates & systems for niche sites, including the KGR Calculator. Duke shares: […] Read More

Making Hundreds per Month in a Seasonal Niche – Five Figure Niche Site Success Story with Ben

Ben tells us about his Amazon Affiliate Site that recently hit the multi-hundred dollar mark. Sienna, Ben’s daughter, says hello and is present through the interview so it’s authentic and real. Ben is another Five Figure Niche Site student, and he’s been able to hit $400+ hundred dollars per month. Now, his site is a […] Read More

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