Best Product Comparison Table for WordPress

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It has been well established that a product comparison table boosts conversions.

Especially for niche sites. (Just getting started? Read up on how to build an Amazon Affiliate website.)

You can ignore any speculation on my part, and look to major corporations.

Amazon, for example…

Search for a major product line in Amazon, like HD TVs, DSLRs, etc…

You will see a table like this:


Amazon definitely knows how to optimize for conversions.
Let’s look at a few things…

  1. “Old School” Plugins – TablePress and Websimon
  2. The “New School” Table Plugin – Table Labs
  3. Dynamic Tables – Drag and Drop
  4. Your Choices (with alternatives)

“Old School” Table Plugins (for WordPress)

I learned a bunch from Spencer Haws and Perrin at Niche Pursuits. In both of the niche site projects that they conducted, a large product table was a key component of the success.


Spencer used the old plugin called TablePress, and talked about it at length here. That link takes you to a full, how-to post discussing tables for niche sites.

The good part is that TablePress is super simple to use and setup. It is also free.

My main gripe with TablePress is that it looks like an old HTML implementation of a table. The styling looks basic to me. If you’re good at CSS, then you can most likely make the table look great.


And if you good at CSS, you already knew that! I don’t know CSS so I am stuck with the default style.

Websimon Tables

Later, Perrin told me about a nicer looking plugin called, Websimon. I used it on a few sites and I really do like the way it displays.

Unfortunately, it looks like the plugin isn’t supported anymore and is a bit of a security risk.

But it does look great…


Table Labs

I am an affiliate for Table Labs so I will get a commission if you purchase the plugin. And, if you do, I really appreciate the support!

Table Labs is a newer plugin on the market and it was created by Amazon Affiliate Site veteran, Spencer Haws of Niche Pursuits.

And it’s great — easy to set up and use — you can have a table set up in less than 10 minutes.

You’ll have some Amazon API driven product comparison tables on your site in no time, and hopefully, you’ll see an increase in your conversions right away.

Table Labs WordPress Plugin Features

The plugin solves most of the issues that people cite for plugin features.

  • Connects to the Amazon API
  • Amazon Associate Operating Agreement Compliant
  • Auto-Updating Prices
  • Amazon Compliant Product Images –
  • Images pulled from the Amazon Advertising API
  • Real time analytics
  • Prices pulled from the Amazon Advertising API
  • Fully Responsive so mobile visitors will like it
  • Works automatically with Amazon OneLink Integration
  • Works with Any WordPress Theme

Table Labs Looks & Works Great on ALL Screen Sizes

As more and more of your website traffic is coming from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, you’ll be glad you built your comparison tables with Table Labs.

Table Labs responsive settings are like no other plugin I’ve seen before. These comparison tables are fully mobile optimized.

The main way that Table Labs makes your tables display perfectly on all screen sizes, is by hiding certain columns on certain screen sizes.

Generally, here is the process:

  1. Search: Search for a product at Amazon. You’ll see prices, reviews, and more, then you select the products you want in your table.
  2. Design: Pick the table design you want. You can change the color scheme to fit your site. Personally, I like it simple, as you can tell from this site.
  3. Customize: You can customize the table by adding columns or removing the columns you don’t want. You can also drag the products to order them however you want.
  4. Insert: You copy the embed code and then paste it into the post. The code will work with WordPress, any theme, and basically any website building tool. No coding is required at all. You just need to copy and paste it.
  5. Profit: A table will often boost the clicks to Amazon and the conversion rate. So you make more money with the same amount of traffic.

Table Labs Conclusion

If you are an Amazon Associate and looking to add Amazon Compliant product comparison tables to your WordPress sites, then Table Labs is well worth the money. Once you build a table or two, you’ll be cranking them out fast and increasing your conversions.

They are great looking and will definitely add to the slickness of your affiliate sites.

Check it out here via my affiliate link.

Conclusion and Alternatives

We can all agree that tables that compare products have a positive impact on conversions.

  • People can see critical information faster. (like the Amazon Affiliate Disclosure)
  • People can compare various products more easily.
  • People will linger on your site longer in many cases.

Here are your main options

  1. If you have the resources, check out Table Labs.
  2. If you have limited resources, use the TablePress plugin. It is free and simple to use. Any table is better than not having one.
  3. If you want another option like if you tried TablePress and thought the interface was bad, you can use old, yet FAST HTML. Go to an HTML table generator and build one by hand. It is just as easy to use as TablePress and it will be less load on your website. (Having fewer plugins on you WP installation is a good thing.)

About the Author: Doug Cunnington is the founder of Niche Site Project. He shows people how to create Affiliate Sites using project management and a proven, repeatable framework. Doug loves creating systems, using templates, and brewing beer (but usually not at the same time).

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  • Dave Nicosia

    Hey Doug, This is Dave here – creator of WP CompPEAR. Thanks for including my new plugin in your Best Comparison Table Roundup!

    I also just wanted to note that WP ComPEAR is just in version 1.0.0 and this is just the start. I didn’t want to overload it with unwanted or confusing options and settings, but I’ll push out new features quickly based on real user feedback.

    So if anybody decides to purchase WP ComPEAR during this sale, (which is the cheapest it will ever be right now) … please share your feedback with me on it and we can make it the ultimate product comparison plugin!

    P.S. Ask any of my customers, I offer the BEST support and customer service I possibly can, every time, for every customer.

    • Daniel

      Hey Doug, hey Dave!

      Unfortunately, I have to disagree. I purchased your plugin (WP compear) two weeks ago and tried to reach WPcompear support twice (two weeks ago and one week ago) And I have not yet received a reply.

      I have an issue with sorting function (with sorting tables). It just doesn’t work as it should. Without it, my table is pretty useless and I would not have purchased it if I knew this in advance.

      WP Compear claims on their website that they have 30-days-money-back-guarantee but I am very skeptical whether this is true.

      Dave doesn’t provide support! I am very disappointed!

      • Daniel, I’m sorry you’re having the issue! (Just to note to anyone reading, it’s not MY plugin…) I suggest you just get the refund…it seems to be a deprecated plugin at this point.

    • MR

      Unfortunately, I have to disagree. I bought your plugin (WP compear) two weeks ago and tried to contact WPcompear support twice and contact WPcompear support twice and a week ago and still haven’t received a response.

      I have a problem with a drag and drop with images function, it just doesn’t work as it should. Images do not appear to select drag to compare

  • Thanks for the great product recommendation, Doug. I loved the design of the comparison table. Drag and drop feature makes it much easier to create a table from front-end.

    However, I found one issue WPCompear, the comparison table isn’t responsive.

    • Dave

      I’ll be releasing an update soon after the launch sale for WP ComPEAR and fully responsive tables will be included in it, along with some new options.

      WP ComPEAR is brand new and on version 1.0. It still hasn’t been through multiple rounds of feedback and updates/optimization yet. I’ll be updating it regularly based off user feedback.

      The real benefit of buying it now is that you will get lifetime updates and support for an EXTREMELY low price in exchange for being an early adopter. It’s the lowest price it will ever be between 10/6/2015 – 10/19/2015.

  • Hi Doug,

    Thanks for the round up. I am using the tables provided by Thrive Content Builder. It’s good stuff.

  • Hi Doug,

    Dave’s product looks awesome, probably the best plugin out there to build comparison tables. It looks like it’s missing a few features that would really help like having a “Select options” field or a Boolean (Yes/No) with icons rendering. Other than that, great job, I’ll be happy to purchase it once I see those features.


    • Hey Xavier, Thanks for the comment. I am not 100% sure what Dave plans to add, but I know WP ComPEAR will be continuously improved upon.

    • Dave Nicosia

      Hi Xavier, thanks for the comment! WP ComPEAR is just in it’s first iteration right now, and I am continuously adding new features and upgrades to it. My plan is to release it in it’s basic form, obtain genuine user feedback, and improve it and add new features based off what my customers really want. I’ve pushed out 2 small updates with optimizations already, and I’m working on a larger update with new features too.

      I love you idea of the boolean fields with icons – I’ll add it to my list of updates for sure. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “select option” though …

      Just so everybody knows, I’m offering lifetime updates and support for now as the plugin is in it’s early stages – but once it has grown more, that will be reduced to 1 year of updates and support included in the initial purchase, with additional years available on a yearly renewal basis.

      So buying it now grandfathers you in to the lifetime updates and support! That’s my gift for being an early adopter and helping to improve the plugin through feedback.

      One other thing to note is that WP ComPEAR does not focus on just tables, it has 3 different comparison tool display options – with a 4th one I’m planning coming in a future update. – so it may never have all of the options that plugins focusing on only tables have. But he, we’ll see what my customers want!

      • michael

        Do you have a link to buy Dave? The market is crying out for a quality wo plugin comparison table and if you keep up the good work and improve on it i’m sure you will make loads of it, hell I will promote it on my blog once its up and running.

        For a user, I just want to be able to slide and add what products I want to compare with and it seems your plugin does that. But let’s let me buy it and I’ll come back to you with feedback

        • Sure Michael – Here is Doug’s link where you can grab WP ComPEAR:

          Looking forward to your feedback! I’m constantly collecting user feedback so I can make updates and add new features based off what my users really want the most.

  • Hi Dave,

    Are the product prices will auto update?


    • Dave Nicosia

      Hi Mohammed,
      The prices do not auto-update because WP ComPEAR does not connect to Amazon in any way. You crate your own fields and fill them out manually. WP ComPEAR isn’t just another Amazon plugin, it can be used to compare anything!

  • Jenny

    I think this is one of best wordpress table for affiliate site, also for niche sites.
    Doug thanks for this article

  • Maz

    Hi, do you have any coupon code for this awesome plugin? Thanks and happy new year.

    • Hey Maz, Happy New Year. No, there isn’t a code that I know of. Sorry.

    • Dave Nicosia

      Hi Maz,

      There are not currently any specials going on, but a single site license is only $20 right now with lifetime updates and support – extremely low already!

  • James Blond

    Hey guys,
    do you know how many products you can use in one Slide? Can I have 10 on desktop?

  • I still love the Tablepress.

    Its simple and do the work for me.

    At least, for WP sites, TablePress still rules. 🙂

  • Haseeb Kibria

    The WPCompear Plugin doesnt seem to be working with Thrive Content Builder. Any suggestion?

    • Hey Haseeb, Send an email to both support teams and see what they say.
      BUT why do you need to use them both? Maybe you should just use the one that’s the best fit for what you need.

      • Matt Hagens

        I’m trying to use WPCompear with Thrive Content Builder and it doesn’t work. Anyone have luck using it with TCB?

  • Gill

    Oh wow I love the HTML generator – thanks Doug!

  • Brad, Looks like you’re right! I’ll make an update soon.

  • Greg

    wth dude, you’re making us watch a video to get the gist of tablepress? Why not display what it looks like as you did with the other two examples?

    Don’t be a time parasite dude.

    • Hi Greg, thanks for the helpful(?) comment. Don’t be lazy about receiving free content. Maybe videos aren’t for you and that’s just fine with me. So if you see a video and think I don’t the time, maybe just skip that one.

      • Greg

        Time ain’t free dude. Maybe the best solution to maximize your affiliate revenue is to provide both a graphic and a video. Or maybe maximizing revenue isn’t for you. Might as well skip the aff career path, then. Lolol

        Don’t be lazy bro 🙂

  • Very Helpful. Thanks for the nice and great detailed advice on the table. As the comparison table is very important so i think responsiveness is very important. So just need to make sure the responsiveness are working fine different devices.

  • Very Helpful. Thanks for the nice and great detailed advice on the table. As the comparison table is very important so i think responsiveness is very important. So just need to make sure the responsiveness are working fine different devices.