Passive Income Success Stories (Amazon Affiliate Sites)

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When I found Smart Passive Income and Niche Pursuits, I was obsessed with the success stories and income reports.

It’s like it was a spectacle to see the insane revenue and profit that people like Pat Flynn and Spencer Haws were pulling in, especially when you consider how much normal people like you and I make at a corporate job.

I’ll share a couple of my successes here first.

Why are we so interested in success stories?

It inspired me. I could relate to the person.

I could see myself doing something similar. Accomplishing something that other people would want to hear about. I thought:

I want to be the NEXT success story!!

You also see that normal folks, people that aren’t experts, that are learning, just like YOU, are able to create something out of nothing, with hard work and a willingness to learn.

And that’s why I cared so much about the success stories. 

Success stories help you believe that you can be a success, too.

I made it on the Niche Pursuits Blog and Podcast. I was featured on Empire Flippers and even Ahrefs.

And it felt amazing to be ON the blogs and podcasts that I consumed when I got started.

By the way, if you have a success story, let me know.

The more I talk about the Keyword Golden Ratio, the more I hear from people that are making it work. It’s super cool because people new to affiliate marketing are able to get small wins fast. That’s really important when you’re getting started.

KGR and Multi Profit Site Success Stories with Amazon Affiliate Sites

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