First $100 Month Construction Worker Success Story – Five Figure Niche Site With Adrian

I talk to Adrian, who’s a Five Figure Niche Site student, and he’s had great success with his first site. Now, the cool thing is he only has like 15 pieces of content and he just crossed the $100 mark. It’s amazing because Adrian found Niche Site Project about a year ago and thought, “Hey, […] Read More

$1400/Month in a BAD Niche – Graham’s Success Story with Five Figure Niche Site

Graham just crossed the $1,400 mark in one month. I actually met Graham in person a few weeks ago in Idaho. There aren’t many niche site entrepreneurs in the Bozeman, Montana area (not many people in general) so when Graham told me he’d be in the vicinity, we arranged to meet up. Graham enrolled in […] Read More

$500/mon Five Figure Niche Site – Success Story with Marty

Marty tells us about his Amazon Affiliate Site that recently hit the $500 mark in the summer of 2018. That was a GREAT milestone for Marty because it was his initial goal when he enrolled in the course, Five Figure Niche Site. “I believe the Five Figure Niche Site course is a great blueprint and […] Read More

$3k per Month in Just 8 Months, Social Worker Success with the KGR

In this interview, I talked to Ellen. She’s had fantastic success with the Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR). She has an Amazon Affiliate niche site that’s about eight months old. She’s reached $2,000 a month already, and it looks like she’s on track to hit almost $3,000 this month when I originally published the interview on […] Read More

Making Money on the Side (with 13 posts) An Amazon Affiliate Success Story

This is a success story interview with my friend, Jo, a student of Five Figure Niche Site.. She’s been able to hit a new monthly high of $70 (in June 2018). It’s great to see growth given the small number of posts — just 13! Click here to get all my templates & systems for niche […] Read More

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