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Dave Schneider

Dave Schneider from Ninja Outreach. (Update – Dave no longer runs these websites, but can be found at and

This a guest post from my good friend, Dave Schneider. He’s one of the three founding Ninjas over at Ninja Outreach. 

UPDATE: I have been doing a lot of guest posting instead of the link building that I used to do. (like Web 2.0s via The HOTH and Private Blog Networks). It is a simple concept and we all know that getting a variety of backlinks is very important if you want a steady flow of organic traffic from Google.

Ninja Outreach is the perfect tool to use to put your link prospecting (for guest posting and other backlinks) into HIGH gear. You have to send out a bunch of emails so having a good system is critical.

Since this post was written Ninja Outreach has made a huge update — Chrome Extension Add-on and scheduled sending.

Try Ninja Outreach for free – HERE. (I’m an affiliate for N.O. so I get a commission if you become a paying customer.) I even did a guest post for Ninja Outreach about my guest posting campaign for a niche site.

Here’s Ninja Outreach in action…Pretty slick. 

Let’s turn it over to Dave to hear how we can make all our outreach efforts count & be ultra-effective.

ninjaoutreachsidebar2014 was a very interesting year for niche site builders.

In fact, interesting is a bit of a euphemistic way to express it, for some it was devastating.

We all remember the massive deindexing of websites, believed to be related to private blog networks. This led to an onslaught of posts questioning whether private blog networks were dead.

And while I believe most expert niche site builders adamantly believe that the answer is no, it does encourage us to pursue other ways of building links.

One method I am a huge proponent of is effective outreach.

Whether you are promoting a niche site, an authority site, or even a business, having an effective outreach process and tool can be incredibly useful.

Let’s discuss some ways we can perform outreach for link building in 2015, as well as introduce my new outreach software Ninja Outreach, which Doug has been kind enough to allow me to giveaway to his audience (see below).

How Can My Niche/Authority Site Benefit From Outreach?

We frequently neglect outreach for building a site. Something about website building encourages us to work alone.

But this is a huge mistake.

I have been on both sides of outreach. I have been the one sending the emails, and I have also received emails, and I have seen firsthand how efficiently one can build links via effective outreach.

Consider just these two tactics.

Organizing A Round Up Post

As a blogger of quasi-importance myself, I often receive a few invites to round up posts every month.

Here’s one that I did:

39 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their First EVER Sale

In just four days, my post received over 250 social shares and 560 unique visits.

It also has 14 links from some quality sites.

Now I get what you’re thinking. That’s not a niche site, that’s his personal blog.

But in my opinion, this is applicable to a wide variety of niches such as fashion, food, health, and travel – to name just a few. All you have to do is develop an interesting question in your niche that experts can take part in, and organize it.

Creating A Valuable Content Thin Resource

Not all resources have to be so content heavy. A table filled with useful information can be just as beneficial in solving a person’s problems as a long post.

For example, at Ninja Outreach I created these two awesome resources.

How could you copy this in your niche?

For example, if you are selling survival knives, you could make a large table featuring all the different knives, their prices, their measurements, etc.

Sound familiar?

Follow this up with reaching out to different hunting blogs and you might be able to snag some nice links.

And the reverse works quite well too, that is, why not get featured in somebody else’s big list?

Here is an email I received just the other day.


And to her credit, I added it to the table.

How Does Ninja Outreach Help?

I think most of us can imagine how we could accomplish these tasks. However, even with the help of a VA they can be quite laborious and expensive. Researching, curating contact details, and sending personalized templates is not particularly well automated by most tools.

However, the tool that we have just released helps with the entire process. Here’s how:

Researching Influencers And Collecting Contact Information

In order to find out who to reach out to, we need to be able to research them effectively. For example, if I have a website operating in the health niche, I can run searches for important terms and get the top ranking results, including:

  • The website
  • The website owner’s name
  • Contact information like Email and Contact URL
  • SEO metrics like DA, PA, and PR

And a dozen others.

Here’s a look at me filtering and sorting some recently retrieved data.

2. List Management

Create And Send Personalized Templates

Sending personalized messages en masse can be difficult. Google does not really allow for customizations, and auto responders like mail chimp do not allow you to upload large lists of people who have not voluntarily opted in.

Ninja outreach helps alleviate this burden allowing you to create personalized templates with over a dozen custom fields, such as the person’s name, website, article, and more.


Submitting Through A Contact Form

One major pain can be contact forms, says there is a lot of manual labor involved.

Again, ninja outreach helps alleviate this process by allowing you to send the same customized templates through contact forms and automatically loading some of the key form fields such as your name, email address, and your subject.


Additional Features

There are too many features to go into depth on all of them, however, to name a few:

  • Importing websites to get additional data and exporting the results as a CSV.
  • Identifying bloggers who do guest posts, product reviews, sponsored posts, and giveaways.
  • Viewing latest tweets and RSS feeds of an influencer.

Check out the knowledge base for more info.

What Are Some Tips For Improving My Outreach?

We’ve all been in the position where we sent emails and not received a reply. It’s simply not possible to get 100% response rate.

That said, there are quite a few things we can do to improve our outreach, such as:

  • Use their name – The majority of the time you are able to get a person’s name of their website, linkedin profile, or email address. The smart guys lead with this, sometimes even in the subject line itself in order to get their email opened.
  • Mention their website or source – Although this can be automated by many tools, mentioning a person’s website is fairly standard nowadays. Additionally, you might also think to mention where you found the person (was it a guest post, their website, their LinkedIn profile, or something else)?
  • Cite something specific – The kicker is when someone takes the time to find something that simply can’t be automated. This might be a recent post that the person wrote, or even a specific line in a post.
  • Make it easy – Make it easy for them, and then the friction to get started will go down dramatically. For example if I’m the one to include a link I may provide the exact HTML.
  • Build credibility – Anything I can say about who I am and what I am doing will help me from not getting labeled as a spammer.
  • Give them (or their audience) something – If you have the opportunity to give them or their audience something such as a discount coupon or in affiliate link this is a nice touch.

Here’s the template I used for my round up post:



Effective outreach is extremely scale scalable. By creating one awesome resource, there are potentially thousands of people that you could reach out to.

But of course, this takes time and money, which is why we have developed this tool.

About the Author: Doug Cunnington is the founder of Niche Site Project. He shows people how to create Affiliate Sites using project management and a proven, repeatable framework. Doug loves creating systems, using templates, and brewing beer (but usually not at the same time).

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