6 Guest Posts in 6 Weeks (for a BRAND NEW Site with a 15.8% Success Rate) – A Case Study

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Guest Posting For Fun & Profit

Guest Posting pays off. Look at this traffic graph for a niche site that’s about 8 weeks old.


And who cares if the guest posts don’t give you a positive Return on Investment (ROI)?

Guest Posts do have a positive ROI:

  1. You will get a bump in rankings.Free_SERP_checker_-_google_ranking_check___serplab_co_uk
  2. You will get some conversions.Amazon_com_Associates_Central_-_Home_and_Reports

Here is the latest update from Jim Horner. He’s been working on his niche site for about 8 weeks and I’ve been coaching him from the start. (You can check out the first few posts an this case study “Starting From Scratch: A Journey to $2,000 per Month”. (See examples of Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites & get 15,000 keywords there, too.)

CONTENT 400Jim’s work and progress is from implementing the systems in my online training, Five Figure Niche Site. This technique is part of the Content Traffic Profit Sprint and it works as you can see. The Content Traffic Profit Sprint is all about getting results fast, and it’s a superior method to publishing 40 or 60 articles before thinking about link building. If enrollment isn’t open when you read this, then you can sign up for the wait list.

Go Forth and Guest Post


Guest posting is the lifeblood of your niche site in the beginning. When you’re first starting out your DA is so low that any kind of link juice, any, back to your site is gold even from others who have low DA’s too.

It all starts with Blog Commenting

But I really had no idea about how to go about getting them. Enter Doug.

The first step that I took was finding good blogs to comment on by using a pretty simple method.

The Secret Footprint – CommentLuv

Try Googling this: “Chocolate Chip Cookies” “CommentLuv” (with the quotes) this will pull up all the blogs that have posted content about chocolate chip cookies and allow for comments using CommentLuv.

CommentLuv allows for you to include what you’ve recently posted about in your comment so that when others read the comments they’ll see your post. This is what it looks like…


What if I can’t find blogs in my niche to comment on?

When I first started I was concerned that I couldn’t find any blogs that really related well to my site but after taking a deep breath I just started reaching out to blogs that I thought could work.

These aren’t super related to what the site is about but there is a connection there. Just consider your audience and think about where else they’ll be on the internet and look at those angles.

The very first comment I made I learned that after I got 3 accepted comments they would turn into Dofollow links! Great start.

I would crank out a bunch and see what happened…

I probably made 10-15 comments on the first day on different sites. They’re so easy and give such a good return I just thought I would crank out a bunch and see what happened. “Wow, great writeup! I love XX and your pictures are sweet!” Seriously, that’s it.

Now I’ve got close to 90 comments out there by just doing a couple everyday.


You gotta keep track of your comments to keep your sanity. Use a simple spreadsheet.


You keep track of all your comments so that you can get a guest post. Remember – that’s why we’re doing this commenting!

How do I actually get a Guest Post?

The process for getting a GP itself is pretty simple. Comment to develop a relationship, send and email and cross your fingers.

And don’t be afraid to follow up if you don’t hear anything, some bloggers are super busy running their business and if they see you come across their email a couple times you’ll become cemented in their minds.

After commenting for about a week I thought I would try my hand at reaching out for a guest post on the first site that I mentioned. I sent an email saying something like:

“Hey XX.

My name is Jim from XX.com (they’ll know it from your commenting) I really like your blog, especially the article on XX (shows them you actually looked at it).

I’m new to this whole blogging world and the exposure would be awesome! Here’s some ideas I came up with that I think your readers would really like. X…Y… Z…

Let me know what you think and I’d be happy to get to work!

Thanks, Jim”

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It doesn’t have to say this exactly but an iteration of it seems to work well for me.

The very same day he emails me back and saying he would be stoked to have me write for his site, he started following my site, followed me on Facebook and Twitter and has since email me several opportunities for PR he’s found for me. He even offered to bring me on full-time if I wanted to combine forces. I politely declined and told him that wanted to keep working on my thing but my first GP was born.

Aaaanndd I had no idea how to do it. Good thing I keep Doug on speed dial.

How you should get your backlinks

Generally the thing is to get some natural backlinks built into your article so when you give them suggestions think about how you can work your site into it.

Sometimes it’s more difficult but that’s okay too as you’ll often get a bio and links out to your site there and to your social media outlets.

Editor’s note: How do you pick what you should link to? At this stage Jim needs to get organic traffic as fast as possible. So he prioritized his keywords and posts in a super simple DATA DRIVEN way. It’s called the Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) and if you’re not using it to prioritize your content and link building, then you’re spinning your wheels. (Learn about the KGR here.) Here are the Jim’s KGR sheets – there is no question about what to write or publish next.
NSP_KW_Analysis-keyword-golden-ratio-1 NSP_KW_Analysis-keyword-golden-ratio

Generally just writing for people from a professional standpoint as a internet marketing is awesome and will reap big rewards.

Once your first GP is up it becomes a lot easier to approach people because you can reference your other guest posts. That’s social proof working for you!

I wrote an article for X.com. Take a look!

Then it gives them something to go off of and let’s them know what kind of writing style you’ve got.

Get HIGH Authority Links With a Secret Tactic – ASKING!

Don’t be intimidated by large DA’s or super authoritative sites, just reach out. It helps to actually look around the site so you can see their tone and structure.

I reached out to a guy with a 36 Domain Authority (DA).

In the course of looking at the site he seemed to be a kind of to-the-point and cut and dry sort of guy, so that’s how I approached my outreach.


He said on his site that he wasn’t accepting GP’s.

Guess what?

I emailed anyway with a creative angle. He got back to me and said I could contribute!

Hell yeah!!

It’s a hard thing to get over thinking that I didn’t want people to be upset that I was emailing them asking them for stuff, I suppose it’s the way we’re raised.

But the internet is whole different world. He didn’t know me from Job, what I looked like, or anything else.

Hell, he hadn’t even heard of Bozeman. As far as he was concerned I was just a message on a screen.

Use that to your advantage. Use the anonymity that the internet gives you to break through any apprehension you might have.

Go forth and outreach!

15.8% Conversion Rate

I’ve used this approach to great benefit. I’ve sent 38 white-hat emails asking for GP’s and gotten 6 approved, that’s a 15.8% return! [Editor note: 4 have been publish so far so these aren’t acceptances that aren’t real…] Inbox__7_messages_2

Just keep cranking, keep grinding. If you quit someone else gets your prize.

I cannot overemphasis the importance of just sending 1 email.

Send that first and you’ll send a few more and few more. It’s a snowball effect.

Everything you do for your site is a positive thing, it may not seem like it on a dreary Tuesday with traffic sitting at a goose egg for the day but trust me forward momentum is everything.

Just keep cranking, keep grinding. If you quit someone else gets your prize.


Relationship Building

Relationship building has been a resounding success for me and something that I was completely surprised by.

The first blog comment I ever made, landed me my first GP I ever wrote, which led to him saying he loved my site and wanted to purchase some of the stuff on there and would use my affiliate links.

WHAT?! Seriously, an innocuous blog comment can be so much bigger than it seems.

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About the Author: Doug Cunnington is the founder of Niche Site Project. He shows people how to create Affiliate Sites using project management and a proven, repeatable framework. Doug loves creating systems, using templates, and brewing beer (but usually not at the same time).

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  • Steve

    Nice work Jim, I’m just starting out myself using Doug’s methodology so it’s always encouraging to read stories like yours. I’m nowhere near the GP stage yet but will be back here for a reread when I do.

    • Jim

      Hey Steve-
      Glad you’re following along! It’s nice to have road map so you have some idea of where you’re heading next and especially when it comes to GP’s. Good luck!

  • Shaun

    That’s a great result for a complete beginner, congrats bro 😀

    I have recently launched a guest post campaign and I got to say it turned out really well. I do skipped blogs with DA under 20 though. I think there are tons of opportunities out there that you should focus your time writing for blogs with > DA 30 . And if you think I can do that because my authority site is well established, then you are wrong. It’s a completely new site with DA 17 at the point of writing.

    I know this post is about guest posting but I want to share other effective methods that worked for me as well. Infographics and broken link building are easier ways to get links in my opinion as you don’t need to write a new article every single time. That will save you hours of time to get a link. I have a pretty good success rate with resource page outreach (I do check for broken link, but I will still pitch whether or not there are broken links on the page).

    • Jim

      Hey Shaun-
      The thing I find so amazing is that are so many avenues that are worth exploring that will help your bottom line! Very cool on the broken link approach, I’m going to check out some more info on that!

  • Nate

    Hey Doug,

    I have followed you for awhile and enjoy your posts.

    I am now closing in on the 6 month mark for my first niche website and I have so many keywords stuck at like number 13 and all across page two.

    I’m aware of the google sandbox and I’m waiting as best as I can to get out of it. Did you notice an exact time frame when you got out like the day your site turns 6 months or is it just random?

  • Larry

    Hi Doug,

    Am I right that when submitting a guest post, you send them a word file with the URLs embedded in the text?

    What about the images? Do you include images too or is it up to the webmaster to find and add the images as they see fit?


    • Jim

      Hi Larry-
      I’ll give my two cents on this. I’ve found that it really depends on the blogger to whom you’re submitting the GP to when it comes to images. Some want to find their own and others want you to find them. For the URLs, I write an article in my WP account, highlight the text and submit that form. Hope this helps!

  • Md kalamkhan

    Thank for sharing this post .
    Relationship building has been a resounding success for me and something that I was completely surprised by.I know this post is about guest posting but I want to share other effective methods that worked for me as well. Infographics and broken link building are easier ways to get links in my opinion as you don’t need to write a new article every single time. That will save you hours of time to get a link.

  • Hi Jim,

    Thanks for letting us know that Guest posting is still effective..
    I am really working on getting as many as possible.

  • Jim

    Hi Annie-
    I’ve seen great results with it. Just yesterday I spent an hour sending out 3 different emails and got a positive response from 1 of them, a DA of 36! Just keep plugging away at it!

  • Brian

    Di you ever do guest posting when you are using a “persona” for your site that isn’t you?

  • Hi Doug thanks for this awesome post on Guest posting..
    Well i always try to connect the blogger via skype or facebook to get a guest post if it is available.
    and the success rate is 20%+

  • Yo Doug,

    I got an invite for a guest post within 20 min after sending 5 emails !

    This stuff works 🙂


  • Sanket

    I have tried guest posting many times and results are awesome as you have said already. Thanks for this amazing post !

  • Novaland

    Should i am use some tools like Senuke to run blog comment automate ?

  • Royston .F

    We’ve checked the list again and it’s now updated.

  • Hi Doug,
    I sent over 10 emails before getting a single invite for a guest post. I think persistence is the way to go in this link building method. Thank you for this post. I have learnt a lot from you.

    • Agnes,
      actually, that’s GREAT. For a lot of people it’s more like 30 or 50 or even 100 emails before they get a positive response. Do you have any tips?

  • shaun park

    Very interesting information! Perfect just what I was probing for! Categorically great subject material. Some really nice and utilitarian information on this web site. Thanks for sharing such a worthy information for us.T hanks!

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