Amazon Affiliate Revenue of $93.09 [in 4 Weeks] With The Keyword Golden Ratio

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I’m coaching my friend Jim while he’s building out a new Amazon Affiliate Site. It can take a while to make consistent earnings with a new site – upwards of several months. (See examples of Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites & get 15,000 keywords there, too.)

When you’re hungry to make money on a new niche site, several months may as well be several years.

amazon-affiliate-sales-march-jims-siteAt least it can feel that way. As you can tell from the post, Jim made almost $100 in about a month or so.

If you remember the post from the other day about Why Niche Sites Fail, you know that it’s exceptional to make a profit that fast.

“How can I do that?”

…is what you may be thinking.

Let’s talk about it. Jim is getting 100% access to me – he can ask questions about anything he’s having trouble with.

If he gets hung up or confused about the Amazon Terms of Service or has an issue with starting a guest posting campaign, he can send me an email or chat with me. He’s hacking the process by avoiding a HUGE number of mistakes. 

If you can learn from other people’s mistakes, you’re going to learn faster.

  • You’re going to find success faster.
  • You’re going to find your niche and keywords faster.
  • You’re going to pick a niche that is ACTUALLY profitable.
  • You’re going to get traffic faster.
  • You’re going to make a profit faster.
If you want to learn from my mistakes and get access to me, then be sure you check out Five Figure Niche Site. Enrollment is open now until July 18 at midnight.


Jim is doing great so far and he’s been working really hard on his site. It’s paid off too – Jim has:

  • Made nearly $100 in the first month. That’s really unusual until you consider the Keyword Golden Ratio and the way it gets targeted traffic FAST.
  • Been blog commenting per my instructions. So he’s getting backlinks to his new pages.
  • Landed guest posts, which is way faster than expected. Guest posts are the life blood of getting your rankings if you prefer NOT to use Private Blog Networks.
  • 15 keywords ranking in the top 50 and 8 in the top 30. That’s thanks to a concept I call the Keyword Golden Ratio.
  • See all the posts in the series – here.

The Keyword Golden Ratio

The KGR is a data-driven way to find keywords that NO ONE or very few people are competing for.

The Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) a way to find keywords that rank in the top 100 as soon as you publish content and it gets indexed. A lot of people will seem satisfied with “stealing other people’s keywords“, but then you’re competing directly with your competition.

Do you want to go for keywords that someone already has a headstart on?

Or would you rather be the first to market for that keyword?

The KGR is a data-driven way to find keywords that NO ONE or very few people are competing for. You can check out the Keyword Golden Ratio here.


Alright, here is Jim with his update…

Jim mountain 2What a month! I’ve been working pretty damn hard on creating content, blog commenting, guest post outreach, and just generally watching site stats.

Like with all things there have been ups and downs but overall the month has been great. It’s good to see content getting up and gaining traction in the SERPs.

Something that really struck me was the development of relationships between me and other bloggers and how nice people can be. A guy who’s blog I commented on, my very first blog comment, started following my site, commenting on my posts and has even allowed me to guest post on his site.

He also want to buy one of the products I featured on my site, BOOM!

This is something I hadn’t expected to happen so fluidly.

I managed to land a couple more GP’s and even dabbled in hiring a writer, he was very new and it required quite a bit of editing but it was good to get my feet wet before things get more busy and I need to do more hiring.

Overall I’m stoked with March and my progress with the site.

My approach for GP’s and blog commenting has been all white hat. Just me searching around and looking for good places and blogs that seem like they’re a good match.

It’s wild how you find certain blogs that direct more traffic to your site versus others. There’s a blog comment I made about a month ago and people still trickle in off that one post.

So I’ve made a point to sign up for email alerts from her site that notify me of new post so that I can post early on so more people will see my post and what I’ve posted.

Free and easy publicity? Yeah, I’m all about that.

I found it really helpful to keep track of where and when I’ve posted a comment when I go looking for GP possibilities.

These are places that the admin probably will recognize my name and if the sites directing traffic to mine why not reach out and see about a guest post, their readers are obviously interested in my topics.

Really this white hat approach seems like the best thing right now because it’s given me a chance to see how it all works and really dig in and do some of the ground work. I know in the future my link building strategies might take on more of a grey hat approach as that will allow me to work the site while getting the lifestyle workload I’m looking for.

I’ve learned a little about PBN’s (private blog networks) and how then can help a site’s DA by doing some GMO back linking.

Get it?

GMO instead of organic… I kill myself.

So far I’ve got 3 guest posts approved at sites with strong DA’s and about a dozen more speculative emails for GP’s, that is seriously going to help my site in the long run.

So far I’ve gotten maybe 15 articles written and now I’m focused mainly on blog outreach . As the rest of the month continues I’ll add a little more content to the site and hopefully be writing guest posts too.

It’s been fun to see the site develop and learn the backend of the developer side of things. I think I lucked out in the beginning, I got an relatively inexpensive theme ($49) and it’s got quite a bit of functionality to it. Their customer support has been very good too, something that’s really important to me as a rookie.

I’ve been using several plugins that I really like, Yoast is great for seeing post and page SEO analytics, Jetpack for site stats, and this really great table plugin called ComPear (Thanks Dave!).

ComPear is great because it’s allowed me to add some nice features to the site and help with page navigation too. It’s functional and Dave Nicosia is great to work with and has been super responsive to any and all of my requests. (Dave has a great theme too that you can check out here.)

I like to use it for additional products in a certain category “If you like this, check these out” kind of thing and also for page jumps, where you can click an image and you jump to that section.

Really nice feature that adds some gloss to my site.

The SERP Report

Okay, so I kinda geek out and like to watch my stats for the keywords, after all that’s the whole game, and I’ve seen some good results.


My overall score has increased and it’s awesome to see that I’m ranking 8 KWs in the top 30! When I first checked I only had 1 ranked inside the top 30, so I’m stoked with these results.

Google Analytics and Traffic

Trending upward is always good to see and it provides some good data. I’m so new that a lot of this is probably putting the horse before the cart so to speak but it’s just good to check.


I went ahead and blocked my IP address and the one from the coffee shop where I work so I can get a better picture of the true traffic.


Again, the site’s so new that I feel that this won’t start being a good analytical tool until I start seeing larger amounts of traffic but it’s good to get a baseline of info to go off of.

Amazingly Fast Amazon Earnings

I’m starting to generate a few more clicks per day than I was even a week ago and this is something I log into everyday to look at because it’s essentially my paycheck.

The sales have come from people just visiting the site and buying something they needed off Amazon but nothing I’ve featured on my site has sold yet.



Overall March has been good to me in terms of learning new techniques, content generation, and outreach. I’ve been surprised at the response I’ve gotten with just simple techniques that Doug has given me. Small steps done everyday can yield big time results.

The biggest thing that has worked for me has been learning to shuck the fear of rejection when doing blog outreach. Just saying “Who cares if they don’t want me to guest post” has led to me actually getting guest posts.

The internet is so big who cares if someone doesn’t like me, there are people in this town who don’t like me, BFD. Reach out you’ll be surprised at how nice some people can actually be.

The biggest time suck has been overthinking myself when I started out blog commenting. I kept thinking I needed to find a really close match to my own site in order to generate traffic.

Not so.

The best referring blog I’m connected to is one that’s based around travel and I’m definitely not in the travel niche. The old adage is true, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Just reach out, try something different and you’ll be surprised at the results.

The next 4 weeks are going to be mostly blog outreach with content generation sprinkled in. Every new thing I learn takes on a life of it’s own and I tend to hyper focus on it for a while.

I like to think of them as a game and blog hunting is no different. Finding suitable blogs with good DA and then contacting them can be exciting because the potential upside is so good.

So for now it’s all write, write, write. I’m surprised I even have letters on my keyboard anymore.

Be sure you are on the waitlist for FIVE FIGURE NICHE SITE if you want to build a site that can rank by the retail season this fall. IT’S LAUNCHING SOON.

About the Author: Doug Cunnington is the founder of Niche Site Project. He shows people how to create Affiliate Sites using project management and a proven, repeatable framework. Doug loves creating systems, using templates, and brewing beer (but usually not at the same time).

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  • What an awesome article! I’m glad to have been following from the beginning and starting my own project this week I’ve been gleaning all these tips! Now I just need to get more content out there, and start outreach!

    • Hey Zach, thanks for the comment! Yep, the commenting is tedious but it works. Plus a lot of people aren’t willing to do it…so if you do ti really pays off.

    • Jim

      Hey Zach-
      Yeah it’s all about just taking those first steps with confidence. Once you get going you’ll be pleasantly surprised that your work can pay off so quickly.


  • Sonja


    Isn’t top 100 too much for a keyword to rank in the Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR)? Maybe top 50 would be better?
    Great results from the site and I guess it is true what they say: just get them to the Amazon site….

    • Hey Sonja, Thanks for reading. Yeah, Top 30 is what I’ve seen on my sites…

      But I wanted to be conservative in my estimate of what people see. So Jim’s site is about 4-5 weeks old and his DA is really low and I bet that’s why the KGR is showing up in the top 100 overall…

      He still has a bunch of KWs in the top 30.

    • Jim

      Yeah, right now it’s just about making forward momentum. Honestly, I was surprised to see any of them ranking (even in the top 100). As Rihanna says “Work, work, work, work, work, work”!


  • Hey Doug,
    Congrats on the great month, sales have been generated so early, which means that you are on the right track, traffic stats are promising too. Can’t wait to see the updates of the next month.


    • Hey Hussain, Thanks for reading. And all the credit goes to Jim on this one! I have only talked with him about the site and never did a bit of work myself.

    • Jim

      Yup, just need to keep cranking away!

  • Shaun

    Frankly, I don’t think that the site could make $97 with the current traffic level. Even if it did, it’s pure luck.

    • Hey Shaun, Thanks for the comment!

      I thought the same thing…and I believe that the purchase may have been via the blog commenting effort or even the blogger that Jim mentioned. Apparently, he thought one of the reviews was good…

      Still though, you have a great point that’s it’s a totally anomaly.

    • Jim

      I’ll take all the luck I can get! 😛

  • Rand

    Awesome work doug!. At least now I know I’m on the right path with my blog commenting strategy 🙂
    I was wondering though, when you leave a comment do you put your website in the website field or in the comment field.


    • Hey Rand, Thanks for reading & commenting! You should put it in the website field or it seems spammy and won’t get approved.

      Have you watch the video I shot on commenting? If not, you will like this:

    • Jim

      Hey Rand-
      I’ve been looking for any blog using CommentLuv. That gives you the power to input your own blog and shows your latest post in your comment.

  • Hi , I like this type of projects , Which tool you use to see your serps ranking ?


    • Hey Sergio, thanks! Glad you like it.
      That is

      I used to use Serp Book but Serp Lab is much much cheaper. Check out the free account – It’s enough for most people.

    • Jim

      Yeah, Serp Lab is pretty cool to check out. It gives a good overview of your KW’s and how they’re doing.

  • Lu

    Great article! Reading this gives newbies encouragement, but it also shows that with a bit of hard work link building might not be so much of a nightmare after all.

    • Hey Lu, thanks for the comment. Yep…It just takes some focused effort on exactly the right things.

    • Jim

      You only need one rule: Keep cranking!
      If you’re relentless you’ll see results.

  • Brenda

    What product is the serp report screenshot from?

    • Hey Sergio, thanks! Glad you like it.
      That is

      I used to use Serp Book but Serp Lab is much much cheaper. Check out the free account – It’s enough for most people.

    • Jim

      Hey Brenda-
      Yeah, I’m really liking Serp Lab. It gives me a nice overview of the KW’s I select.

  • Conrad

    Hey guys, such an inspiration. I’ve just learned about the blog commenting from Doug, so I’m going to focus this week on leaving some good comments. Hopefully then folk would be warmer to my asking of guest posts. Cheers!

    • Jim

      Hey Conrad-
      Yeah, it’s been the biggest jump for me in terms of general outreach. Can’t overemphasize how important organic outreach is. Just the fact that you’re networking with like-minded people is super important.

  • Lu

    Hey Doug,
    Watched most of your webinar, but had to leave after an hour. Anyway I tried to watch the replay but the section on KGR is missing. Is there any chance you can go over how to do this?

    Great webinar with so much useful info, thanks.

  • Yesterday I watched your video of the Keyword Research strategy you use and uncovered a keyword in my niche that has 40 monthly searches and zero allintitle’s. So, I just wrote a post for my Amazon Authority site, submitted the post URL to Google and less than 20 minutes later it’s ranked. Of course, it’s in the #1 position and ONLY position. That will be 40 direct referrals to my niche site this month and also going forward. Thanks for the video you made. It has also given me a tool to use in my online business and SEO strategy building in general!

    • Jim

      Hey Carlin!
      That’s awesome! I love digging up those golden keywords! Sometimes I can’t believe that on the whole internet there’s no one optimized for a KW with a huge amount of searches. Great Work!

  • Great update guys!
    I noticed that you don’t mention Web 2.0s in this article. Do they no longer work for SEO?
    Looking forward to the next update!

  • Hi guys,
    Awesome post like always 🙂
    I have a question about the KRG , is it relevant to use it with short tailed keywords (< 4 words ) ?

  • Hey Doug and Jim,

    great post and – Doug – awesome site over here! I’m really grateful for it!

    I’ve got one question about the Golden Keyword Ratio: in your video, Doug, you seem to say it’s applicable only to keywords <250 monthly searches. Why is that? And what do I have to change about my calculation / interpretation for keywords above that?

    Many thanks for clearing that up,
    and best regards,

    • Hey Yannick, thanks!
      Really appreciate that.

      Basically, the model falls apart because there are too many site actually targeting the term/phrase.

      Higher than 250?
      Let me know if you figure it out- I don’t know! But basically you’ll need some links, longer content, or some related posts on your site for relevancy.

      • Yannick

        Hey Doug,

        Thanks for your reply! I don’t know either 🙂 But I have a follow-up question for the terms under 250 monthly searches, and I’d highly appreciate your view on it:

        What is the rationale behind the ratio falling apart from that limit upwards? Is it because in the case of <250 you estimate that 150 of those results will be junk so you can rank in the top 100 right when the page gets indexed?
        Plus that thought doesn't even take into account how the monthly searches play into that formula. Why do you use that too instead of only looking at allintitle results?

        Don't mean to critizise your concept – on the contrary: I find it ingenious. I'm just trying to grasp it fully…


        • Hey Yannick, Good questions…

          What is the rationale behind the ratio falling apart from that limit upwards?
          Too many competing pages.

          Is it because in the case of <250 you estimate that 150 of those results will be junk so you can rank in the top 100 right when the page gets indexed?
          No, not exactly. It’s more like I had to simplify the concept so I could explain it. 🙂 It’s arbitrary.

          Plus that thought doesn’t even take into account how the monthly searches play into that formula. Why do you use that too instead of only looking at allintitle results?
          If KGR works using fewer factors, then what’s the value in adding more factors? If it’s to be more “accurate,” then one has to look at the value of the perceived accuracy. I think you can see that for me, I decided simpler is better. It usually is.

          Does that help?

  • Yannick

    Yes it clarifies the concept. But I guess I’ll have to start testing it to grasp the last bits. Anyway, testing’s always good – so thanks a lot for your help!

  • Hey Doug, I’m absolutely loving your content, I can’t get enough of it.
    Such an inspiration bud.

  • Marc

    What can we use to see search volume since the GKWT doesn’t show it anymore? Thanks!

    • You’ll need to use a paid keyword research tool. I like Keyword Keg right now.

  • Is there any good free keyword tool or in the lower price range. Thanks

  • Dan

    Hey Doug,

    A friend just turned me on to your Golden Ratio system. I have gotten started using it and have a question or two about things that are a little perplexing.

    First, I’m wondering how important “allintitle:” searches are since google doesn’t return results for your exact search, it returns results for what it thinks you mean/are looking for…so why does an allintitle number matter if google will give you what it thinks you want anyway?

    For example, I used recommended searches at the bottom of a random search and found that “how to get photography clients fast” has a search volume of 110/mo, but an allintitle: result of 1. The single result from the allintitle: search doesn’t even show up on the regular search of the same name… wouldn’t it make sense that it would? I looked at the result, and it is a very long, well written article with valuable advice in it, but for some reason, it’s somewhere deep, deep in the results otherwise. Thoughts on why that might happen? It makes me a little distrusting of the relevancy of an allintitle: search if those results don’t necessarily rank high even if they are word for word with your search.

    The other thing is, I read that you wrote a 0/mo search volume is ok – how would I know if it is or isn’t, since it doesn’t make crunching numbers for the Golden Ratio equation very doable.

    Thanks for your help, love what you are doing here!

    • Dan, good points.
      Some search phrases don’t work well…But the concept is sound.

      Give it a shot and let me know what happens.

      The 0 search Volume won’t work in the formula, right, so you just have to go with your gut.

      • Dan

        Doug, thanks for your response!

        Any advice on phrases that do or don’t work well? I would like (probably like everyone else) to minimize the time I spend on keywords that may look prime because of a solid KGR, but are bound to be doomed for currently unknown reasons.

        Thanks again!

      • Darren

        Hi Doug, great work on the kgr but I’m a little concerned about this myself, can you offer any more advice? I wrote a long informed article based on a kgr term however even though it’s indexed when I type the exact title phrase into Google my article is nowhere to be seen. I’m confident that it is the best article for the keyword as it’s 2000 word article (exceeding the best current article by around 1000 words) the exact keyword too but like Dan says, the Kgr seems to fall down because Google is smart enough to pick results for what it assumes you mean and not just prioritising the exact keyword.

        • Darren, It can take time to rank for some terms. Some terms that fit the KGR are bad choices, not saying that’s the case here, but if the results are all really great, authoritative sites, it could be a bad sign.

          That said, the “best article” should beat the results if it fits the searcher’s intent, right? That’s using your own logic. 🙂 And longer isn’t always better…and/or it might take time for the readers to see the awesomeness of your content.

          Keep us posted!

  • Andy Robson

    Hi Doug,
    Great content. Just a few months into affiliate marketing and working on my first site. Is the golden keyword ratio still working with Google’s latest updates. I have read in a few places now about something called Google rank brain and it seems like keywords in url or title are no longer so important.

  • Great inspirational post for me. I’ve only been seriously posting new content for a few weeks, and I’ve already generated $20 in affiliate commissions. The cool part is that those 5 sales were all items I linked to directly in one of my review pages, which I used KGR to build. Most of my traffic is coming from Pinterest though. 3 of those sales were of the same item, from one of my lower performing pins. So that tells me that the content seems to convert pretty well, I just need better pins to get more people to see it! And, it’s creeping up the search rankings as well. This stuff is addictive.

  • I just heard about the word KGR from a friend of mine so thought to give it a try. I have gone through some of your articles and now I will use your awesome tips on one of my niche sites. Kudos!!

  • Josh

    I realize this post is a little older, but it’s still ranking and I have a question ?.

    Are you creating a whole new domain, and website, template setup, etc… For every product / niche / etc.. ? I’m such a perfectionist and this would drive me crazy.

    Or is it more of a general “bobs products or reviews” type site.

    Sorry if I missed this somewhere, I’m browsing on my phone.


    • Josh, good question. You can do whatever is best for you. I like your approach though…fewer sites. 🙂

  • Hi Doug

    Really appreciate this article and the KGR approach.

    But having spent quite some time trying to find KDRs less than 0.25 they are pretty hard to find in 2019 – do you think you have been too successful getting this approach out? Can it still work?

    • Great name, Doug. Uh, I’ve been doing okay spreading the word…but they are out there still in 2019.
      New keywords pop up everyday so it’s just a matter of finding them.

      I guess at some point things will get saturated in areas. AND you can relax the strict formula of the KGR once you’re past the sandbox.

  • Hi Doug

    Thanks a ton for very nice videos and articles. I really enjoy your YouTube videos. Just started my wesbite a month back and trying to write as many articles as possible using KGR words. Is there any set numbers of KGR words I should stuff in my post of 2000 words? 10-30? By the way I am an ultra runner. Read somewhere you are a runner too. Thanks

  • Hasanuzzaman Jony

    Hi Doug,
    Great content. Just a few months into affiliate marketing and working on my first site. Is the golden keyword ratio still working with Google’s latest updates.