HARO Link Building Service (6 Figure Service Business)

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I’ll share a business idea that I think will blow up in the next 18 months. HARO link building as a service.

My friend, Shawna, created such a service. It’s epic. I’ve personally tested it and she over delivers. Check it out here. And if you sign up with my link you get a 15-min coaching call with me as a bonus, plus I get a commission.

It’s definitely a 6 figure business – though you’d have to work out some kinks and build a team.

Link building is a big business and very competitive. Small companies, big companies, and people working on side hustles want to outsource link building. And they are spending a fortune.

We’re talking about any site owner that wants to get organic traffic from google. So all web sites.

I’ll give you the pros and cons of running a service business. And the specifics of a HARO Linkbuilding service.

If you’re thinking if this is such a great business idea, why don’t you do it??? I’ll answer that at the end.


  • Set work hours every day (around HARO emails). It’s your service so you can work at your leisure. Or hire a team so you can do the management and selling, more on that later.
  • Service businesses are the fastest way to earn revenue. Affiliate sites take time. SEO takes time. Software, like software as a service, takes time and money to build. Services solve problems for people right now. And they will pay a lot to solve painful problems.
  • Scalable in a massive way. Basically, all websites want free traffic from google and backlinks help sites rank higher.
  • A need that almost all site owners have. So it’s a huge market. You could probably niche down and work with just health sites or just travel sites. It’s totally up to you. Niching down helps to refine your marketing.
  • It’s a proven business model. PR companies do this outreach. Now there are companies focusing SOLEY on HARO linkbuilding. Charging about $400 per link!
  • You won’t have to do outreach like a traditional SEO agency. You just field the emails and source requests from HARO. Then reply and get the links.
  • You can charge whatever you want. But I’ll mention at the end the pricing model I would try.
  • Can branch out into other related PR services, like getting podcast appearances etc.
  • You could provide white label services to SEO companies that want to add more diversity to their link building campaigns. So you wouldn’t have to sell directly to clients.


  • You’d have to figure out the HARO process, set up systems, templates, and so on. If you’re new to HARO, I have a course called HARO link building that lays it all out with a proven, repeatable framework.
  • People suck and having them as clients can be…well. Not fun if you don’t like to have clients. Service businesses might not be for you if you don’t like to work with clients.
  • It might be hard to answer the same query for multiple clients and give unique answers.
  • If you’re working for multiple people, you might not be first to answer the HARO Requests. it’s important to reply fast so you may need help answering the emails.
  • You can hire a team of VAs to help you out, so you can handle multiple clients and scale up. That can be harder, but Unit 4 of my course lays out the process including templates for hiring VAs and templates for the VAS to use to answer HARO requests for you.
  • Get pure White Hat Links from news outlets.
  • How to outsource the process.
  • How to craft the perfect reply.
  • What systems to use to reply FASTER.
  • How to flip the system (and use HARO as a Reporter).

Why don’t you start the HARO Link Building Service??

If you’re thinking why don’t you do it??? If this is so great.

I don’t like service-based businesses. I started a guest posting service in 2015 and reached a point of over 6 figures of revenue annually in under 6 months. Yay! and realized it wasn’t for me. So I shut it down. I didn’t like finding clients and working with them.

But some people love to start and run service businesses. They like to build the teams and be a boss. They like working with clients. But I didn’t enjoy it so I stopped.

For pricing, I’d recommend charging a fixed fee per month with bonus payments for links the go live.

If it’s a competitive industry, you could charge more per month and per link. Pricing is hard to figure out and you’d have to experiment with it.

I can tell you SEO agencies often charge hundreds per backlink.

So I’d probably start with a baseline of $50 per month to monitor the HARO requests on a daily basis, which is 5 days per week.

Remember I said it’s important to reply fast? I’d sign up for the paid plan of HARO so you can get the reporter Source Requests sooner. Get the jump on the competition.

Then I’d add bonus payments for links based on the domain rating or domain authority.

About the Author: Doug Cunnington is the founder of Niche Site Project. He shows people how to create Affiliate Sites using project management and a proven, repeatable framework. Doug loves creating systems, using templates, and brewing beer (but usually not at the same time).

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