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I’ve been playing around with AI tools a lot lately. I just tried out Midjourney – it creates images.

I messed around a bit, but then it hit me.

You can create unique custom images for your site. Potentially product photos too!

I want to show you some samples and show you how to reverse engineer images so you know what prompts to use.

In the meantime, once you have a look at the images, reply back with questions you have about Midjourney and potentially creating unique images for your site.

Some of the images are good, some are bad.

Very bad. But I think it’s like ChatGPT, so once you figure out a good prompt/formula to use, you end up with great results.

Midjourney works in Discord (Discord is a voice, video, and text chat app…).

Discord kept me away for a long time. I thought, “Why should I use a chat app to create images…? That’s dumb.” I’m used to Discord and Midjourney now. I still wonder why they use Discord.

Product Images for Niche Sites?

I think you could use Midjourney for unique images on your website. Have a look at some of these images.

Maybe you want a person with the guitar.

Here is the one that messed up. It made the guitar look like a car for some reason.


Here’s a guitar on the moon.

Guitar near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

You can do food photography, too.

Reverse Engineer Images

There is a command called “describe” that will give you 4 prompts that can help you get started to recreate an image.

So you could find an image you like, then use “describe” to tell you how to recreate it. Then, you’ll have a custom image for your website.


So I loaded this image of a guitar. (I just traded this one!)


Here are the four prompts that Midjourney provided:

1️⃣ a gibson g12p in the workshop, in the style of smokey background, joyful and optimistic, soggy, vintage americana, harsh lighting, cottagepunk, multilayered –ar 3:4


2️⃣ a dark acoustic guitar is on display in a workshop, in the style of use of vintage imagery, soggy, jerry siegel, gray and amber, e. h. shepard, american studio craft movement, joyful and optimistic –ar 3:4


3️⃣ a guitar sits on top of a television, in the style of american studio craft movement, casey baugh, fujifilm eterna 250d type 8563, eastman johnson, i can’t believe how beautiful this is, soggy, albert tucker –ar 3:4


4️⃣ david ryan lvarez jazzmaster acoustic guitar, in the style of works progress administration (wpa), tintypes, dark gray and dark amber, soggy, studio light, happenings, cottagepunk –ar 3:4


Here are the results. It looks cooler than my basement! But the guitar is all wrong. It’s from the right generation, but my guitar is acoustic, not electric.

What do you think about these AI Images?

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  • Zachary S

    Love the “Describe” trick, Doug! Awesome!
    What does “soggy” mean in those descriptions – is it describing your basement?

  • Just like AI in general, I feel like the pictures have potential but they are not quite right just yet. Even the girl with the guitar pic is a bit weird. It just doesn’t look real.