Having trouble with Keyword Search Volumes in the Keyword Planner?

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In June of 2016, the Google Keyword Planner started to change the data it provided. The output didn’t change overnight for everyone. Like many changes with Google, it was rolled out.

Obviously, if you’re doing smart keyword research and looking for long tail keywords, then you need the actual search volumes.

Over the last few weeks, it’s been hitting a LOT more people. It didn’t get to my account until this last week…and some of the students in Five Figure Niche Site.


This is impacting a lot of people at this point. I checked with my buddy Matt at Dumb Passive Income. It hasn’t hit him yet, but he’s hearing about it too.


If it hasn’t hit you yet…

Here is what it looks like in the Keyword Planner.


Obviously, that’s a big range and not really helpful. I use the Keyword Golden Ratio and it relies on more exact numbers, not a 10x factor!

In Long Tail Pro, this is what it looks like.


The team at Long Tail Pro plan on getting 3rd party data to fill in the gap. I expect that will have an inherent cost with the API calls that must be required. That could mean another price increase for Long Tail Pro – Pure speculation on my part.

It’s unclear when LTP will fix it. I pinged them on twitter, but haven’t heard anything back. Twitter isn’t the official channel for support, so if you want to check on it yourself be sure to email the Long Tail Pro support team.

A Workaround

Here is a free tool that I’ve been playing with recently. My good friend, Lewis Ogden of Cloud Income, told me about it. It’s called Keywords Everywhere.

Here is what it looks like when you use K.E. for keyword research:


It works for Chrome and Firefox – download it here. I’m not affiliated with Keyword Keg (the company) at all, but I discovered the founder is a Niche Site Project reader! I paid for a month of the Keyword Keg to test it out…

The Workaround Using Keywords Everywhere

What do you think?

Let me know if this work around helped you.

More importantly, if you have a BETTER workaround, please let me know.

And lastly, if you know people they might find this useful, please share it with them. They will thank you!

About the Author: Doug Cunnington is the founder of Niche Site Project. He shows people how to create Affiliate Sites using project management and a proven, repeatable framework. Doug loves creating systems, using templates, and brewing beer (but usually not at the same time).

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  • Yes! I have already found this way on Friday. It is a right way to estimate Keyword volumes. Thank you!

  • Yes, I get the same errors as you show in this article. The volume is not exact in LTP, it shows 100-1k, 1k-10k…

  • Ashutosh

    What is the difference between a Free Plan and Premium plan of Keyword Keg?

  • Is there a workaround for LTP? I have synced a working Adwords account with the software, but no luck yet

  • Stefan

    Doug… I noticed that when I run an actual AdWords campaign the search volumes are shown in real numbers again. Even if I just have $5 in my account and bid a low amount on high CPC keywords (i.e. my ad never gets shown, my account never loses money). Now I am not sure if that’s because I am lucky or if that is a workaround everyone can use. Sounds better than Keyword Keg though because in the end THEY have to get their data from Google as well and anyone who still offers non-ranged search volume (like Ahrefs) is showing different numbers than Google.

  • Can you tell me that how to know keyword search volumes in the specific time?

  • Souvik Mallick

    I thought i was the only one facing the problem when i noticed it few weeks ago. Doug I was looking for a walkaround myself but thanks to stephan tips. Thanks @Stephan for the walkaround tips. Will test it out by myself.

  • Keword Keg is a nifty app online as a Chrome app for Google Chrome browsers users like me. I’ve been testing it out and it works great, even giving different results for your keyword from various sources: Google Search, Youtube, Bing, Amazon etc… But, for a free account it only gives you some results and you have to upgrade to the pricing plan of $8 per month. For users without a paid keyword research tool, this can be an optional way to get your search volumes research. I just hope Google goes back to its free mode for the Keyword Planner as this is no way to promote its Adwords department. I’m just glad that I got my keywords research done before this latest hit from Google. And now just waiting for Long Tail Pro Platinum to have a solution for this, as I bought it just a few months back and this is just ridiculous since I am now dead in the water with further keyword research.

  • Randy

    KeywordKeg must be getting hammered because it’s very slooooow using the Premium $8/month option. I figure I’d give it a shot to see if it’d pull any different or interesting long tails since there’s different api’s but it’s not worth it at this point. Easy product phrase “best bicycle” as an example has been running almost 10 mins using just the Google API. I’m on a fast LAN connection on a good machine too.

    You can just take what you get in LTP and plug it into the free chrome ext and get the search volumes from there which I think are labeled from August. That’s free to get search volumes and they arrive very quick – I’m only doing like 10-20 kw’s at a time since I’ve already done some initial scrutiny.

    Then go back to long tail platinum for the competition research or whatever tool you use for that.

    • Randy,

      I’m the lead developer for Keyword Keg.

      The Google API runs very slow sometimes for some IPs (or Subnets). This is due to throttling by Google. If it notices too many API calls from your IP (or Subnet) to its Suggest API, it might be slowing the calls down.

      Please email me at kevin@keywordkeg.com and we can figure it out.

  • Keywords everywhere also works with the results that you get from keywordshitter.com and answerthepublic.com. You’ll still have to go through and filter the zeros out, but it’s really helpful to see the search volume. Another tip I have is to go back and use previous reports that you might have run. It won’t work for new research, but by leveraging your old reports, you can find areas to target. And if your competition isn’t using those old reports, you’ve got an edge since you’ll have a more refined number than them.

  • Joe Watson

    A couple more ideas on Google Planner.

    1. http://www.passive.marketing.com/fix-google-keyword-tool/
    2. From Erica Stone:
    Do this:

    Log into Google Adwords and go to the Keyword Planner
    Choose the “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category” option
    Enter a keyword related to your niche
    Click the Get Ideas button
    When the results come up, click the Keyword Ideas tab (you default to landing on the Ad Group Ideas tab which you don’t want)
    When you see a phrase you want to research, click the double arrow icon in the Add to Plan column (the far right column of keyword information)
    Once you’ve added all the keywords you want to add to the plan, click the blue Review Plan button on the far right sidebar
    At the top of the screen, enter a really high bid in the Bid column (something like $100 or $500)
    Click the Keyword tab above the resulting graph
    Click the Match Types tab below the graph, hover over the All option and select the “Exact match” match type
    Look at the “Impr.” (Impressions) column in the data below the graph. That shows the daily number of impressions you’d expect to see if you had an ad running for that day at your really high bid. This *should* approximate the average daily exact match searches for that keyword. Multiply that daily impressions estimate by 30 to get the approximate monthly average search volume.
    When you’re done looking at the numbers, click the “Back to Search” box in the upper right corner (or you can download the data and save it for future reference)

    I’ve compared the results to old search volume data I’d saved from before all the Keyword Planner changes and also to data I have from the Google Search Console Search Analytics reports for keywords where I know I’ve been consistently ranked on the first page of Google.

  • My friend said that If we run Adwords of Google (just one time), there is not any happens about keyword planner.

    If you don’t use Google adwords, you will get trouble with keyword planner.

  • Tamar Schvarcz

    Hi. I just tried the keywordkeg.com as you suggest.
    But I didn’t find the FREE option , it was 8$ a month.
    Am I at the right places or the changed the policy?

    • Hi Tamar,

      We separated out the Free browser addon to its own website, in order to remove the confusion people had between the Free and Paid tool.

      You can get the Free tool from https://keywordseverywhere.com/


  • Taylor

    Hi Doug,

    Thanks for the video. I just had 1 question about the process however:

    Where is the option to find the allintitle #’s for the keywords you put into either keyword planner or keywords everywhere? I can’t calculate the golden kw ratio without this. Do you do this manually, even with hundreds of keywords? Little confused here… Thanks

    • Taylor, thanks for checking out the video!
      Yep, it’s manual. Don’t search for 100s…usually when you find 1-2 you’ll figure out how to find dozens.

      Hope that helps but let me know if you have follow ups.

  • Hey Doug / I follow you on YouTube and also use Keyword Keg for my Dropshipping & Affiliate sites….
    however, I am confused and frustrated with my current Google Ads campaigns as Keyword Keg gives me a decent monthly search volume and CPC which I then create a landing page for and run campaigns to.
    Google then says I need to double my CPC (to be a 1st page bid) !!! SO when I double it, I still don’t see anywhere near the amount of traffic I thought I would get after doing research in Keyword Keg

    Also – the Bing & Google search and CPC results are identical when searching for the same keyword on each… (this cannot be right)
    any ideas?


    • Matt, thanks for the support!
      I have no clue about ads so I can’t help you much on that. Sorry…