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Amazon Associates is turning off Site Stripe Images as of Dec 1, 2023. The links will stop working Dec 31, 2023. Amazon says the text links will work — but for how long??

It’s a sudden move, even though the tool looks like it’s from 2002!


  1. Don’t use Site Stripe anymore.
  2. If you have instances of Images or Images+Text from Site Stripe, then you need to act fast.
  3. Find a solution that works for you to get rid of old Site Stripe Images, then use a tool to add images.

Start sooner than you think. Everything takes longer than you expect.

So, if you have images from Site Stripe, you need to act quickly, especially if you have a lot of instances to fix.

Migrate Site Stripe Images

Affiliatable has a tool to make this easier.

You end up migrating the Site Stripe Image to a great looking feature box.

It’s somewhat manual, with a lot of copying and pasting. They seem to be the first to market with a migration tool.

Lasso (

Lasso will have a migration tool! I hear it will be less manual and more automated.

I don’t know when it will come out but I will update you as soon as I find out.

(I got to meet the whole crew from Lasso in New Orleans just last month.)

AAWP and AmaLinks Pro

I’m checking with the owners of both AAWP and AmaLinks Pro to see if they plan on having a migration feature. I’ll update you when I hear back.

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