The Off Page SEO Audit Checklist for Niche Sites (1-pager)

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It’s hard to figure out why your niche site isn’t ranking in Google or not getting traffic.

  • Maybe you followed the guide in blog posts or the process laid out in podcasts, but your site doesn’t seem to get any traffic.
  • Even worse, your site isn’t even ranking in Google.
  • Or maybe you do have a little traffic, a few dozen visitors a day, and make a few sales, but your site has zero growth.
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This checklist is a simple one. It’s just one page long.

I created it because I was working with Jim on the $0 to $2,000 per month Case Study a few weeks ago, brainstorming how to get to $2,000 as soon as possible. As we were digging in, Jim thought about taking a deeper look at the off-page SEO.

So that’s why I created the checklist. Watch the video below for the explanation for the checklist.

Have ideas to add? Or questions?

Let me know in the comments below. I’ll answer all of them.

About the Author: Doug Cunnington is the founder of Niche Site Project. He shows people how to create Affiliate Sites using project management and a proven, repeatable framework. Doug loves creating systems, using templates, and brewing beer (but usually not at the same time).

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  • David

    Thanks for the video Doug.

    I know it varies from niche to niche, but based on your experiences, what’s considered a “respectable” or “good” # of referring domains? 50? 100? 1,000? And by referring domains, I’m talking about solid DA+20 DA+30 do-follow links. How many of those should get aim for?

    Thanks Doug.

  • Safety work area

    I have built a number of no follow back links through comments and was wondering if they are any helpful.

    • Hey “Safety” – Yes. They could be helpful, but you’ll need to do more than just blog commenting. And here’s a tip:
      Don’t use keywords as your name! It looks spammy and a savvy blogger (such as myself) will remove your spammy link to your website.

      If you do that, then the answer is no. You’re wasting your time…
      Good luck!

  • Thanks for the video Doug. Very useful, forwarding to my customers.

  • Great video Doug! I was wondering, what DA do you consider helpful in building links? Also, does it matter to you if they’re no follow?

  • Thanks for this.

    I am having great rouble getting my site to even appear in the SERPs never mind rank anywhere decent.

    I am going to go over everything you mentioned here and make sure that I have followed all of the necessary steps.

  • Great article Doug,

    I’m new to the world of niche sites. I created my site a couple of months ago. Now that I have a lot of articles I’m going to work on the SEO, and I find it hard, to be honest. I know creating a successful niche site doesn’t take 2 months!

    I’m going to focus on guest posting for awhile.

  • Thanks for this great advice once again. I am truly trying to put your steps to good use. I do have a question however, is it ok when commenting on blogs that I put my name like this “Benjamin @nameofsite” , name of site being the name of the site I am promoting at the time of the comment? Could I just as well do it this way as well “Benjamin (nameofproduct), so again inserting the keyword of what I am promoting at the time of comment?

    Thanks for any advice you can give on that. I don’t want to look so spammy but I read somewhere that it is ok to insert your keyword or name of site in the name field.

    • I’d skip adding the product name generally, but you should give it a try and see how it goes.

  • Great video! Maybe you could include the download link here, because I can’t find it in my emails. 🙁

  • how important is having backlinks from multiple domains…
    I have a couple of backlinks, but all of them are from quora… should I diversify

    • Pretty important. Imagine if you just have links from 1 domain but you competitors have 10, 20, or 200 referring domains…
      Yeah, they’ll probably rank over your site (all else being equal)…

  • @shubham
    How long did you have to wait before you were able to see backlinks from Quora? After 2-3 weeks, I still don’t have any confirmation on Semrush or Ahrefs, no signs from backlinks.

  • Hey Doug,
    I’m a newbie to your list and am just diving into your stuff and it’s all great.

    What are your thoughts on doing comments on competitor sites? Do the pros outweigh the cons on that?


    • Marcus, thanks for the support & compliment!
      It’s a waste of time because they won’t approve it most of the time.

  • Thanks for the video. I struggling to get on page 1 from page 2 from a long time.

  • James

    I just built a few backlinks to my site and it ranks from 8 to 34. Is this common? or just because it has google update these days.
    What should I do next?

    Thank you Doug

  • Thanks, I think uploading good graphical images in a blog post can also generate more backlinks in less time. But, many of them can not help in ranking because there’s no control of getting backlinks from authorized sites and sometimes the spammy backlinks also can be irritating.