Starting From Scratch – A Niche Site Case Study With a $2,000 per Month Goal

Jim and LuIn February of 2016, I started coaching Jim Horner with the goal of making $2,000 per month from niche sites. It’s a massive goal!

Here are all the posts in this case study:

I get emails that say:

“How can I do that?”

Let’s talk about how you can do it. Jim can ask me questions about anything he’s having trouble with.

If he gets hung up or confused about the Amazon Terms of Service or has an issue with starting a guest posting campaign, he can send me an email or chat with me. He’s hacking the process by avoiding a HUGE number of mistakes. One on one coaching and learning from a mentor is how to make EXPONENTIAL gains in any disipline.

If you can learn from other people’s mistakes, you’re going to learn faster.

  • You’re going to find SUCCESS faster.
  • You’re going to find your NICHE and keywords faster.
  • You’re going to pick a niche that is ACTUALLY PROFITABLE.
  • You’re going to get TRAFFIC faster.
  • You’re going to MAKE A PROFIT faster.

I’ve rambled on long enough. If you want to take action and have a niche site that actually makes money every month (whether you’re working on it or not), then consider using the proven system in Five Figure Niche Site.