What’s the BEST WordPress theme for Affiliate Sites?

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I want the theme to stay out of my way and load fast.

I want the site to look clean and easy to read.

I don’t want to struggle with the settings on the theme.

This is usually where people tell you that you NEED to get a certain theme because it has this option or that feature. Usually, those people are affiliates for the theme, and they have a monetary incentive to recommend a theme to you.

I’ve avoided recommending many themes since I like to speak my mind and be straight with you.

Generally, I tell people that the theme doesn’t really matter much as long as it

  • Looks okay (like good enough). So it doesn’t have to look perfect or like a custom designed WP Theme.
  • Loads fast. There are some themes that are bloated and just slow. They usually have a front end editor (“wysiwyg” or “what you see is what you get”) and a lot of options. Not all of them are bad, but a theme is more likely to load slower if you have rich formatting.
  • Isn’t so hard to use that it takes forever to do simple things. Obviously, you don’t want to waste your time if you don’t get a benefit from it.

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I’ll recommend a few themes for you and mention some popular ones as well. Some of these are affiliate links (so I’ll get a commission if you buy through my link – thank you!) but you’ll notice that I’m not using high pressure tactics to convince you. I’ll also point out the cons…

Free Themes

Free themes can be totally fine to use. You typically don’t get premium level support if you get any support at all. You should make sure it’s a reputable developer so you aren’t at risk for malware or anything like that.

Themes You Already Own

This is probably the best thing you can do if you’ve already dabbled with WP. It’s fun to buy new themes and check them out, but it’s better if you don’t waste time shopping for a new one.

If you already have a theme, you probably already have some experience using it. So keep using it and become even more efficient with it. I typically just stick with 2-3 themes that I’ve used over and over again.

I’ve been using Thesis on Niche Site Project since I started. Thesis has a layer of customization called a “Skin,” and I’ve used a few skins produced by the parent company DIY Themes. A lot of other themes have this concept, too.


  • You already paid for it, so it’s sort of free, unless there is a monthly or annual fee.
  • You already know how to use it.
  • Access to the support team.
  • Secure, assuming it’s a good company.


  • It might not be an optimal design, which is subjective.
  • Potentially boring since new themes can be fun.

WordPress Themes

My first site was on WordPress 2012.

Simple. Clean. FREE.

I used black text with Arial font and a white background. Totally vanilla. But that means the content was able to shine.

Check out the free, default WP themes. They normally put out a new theme each year, and you can check the archive of the existing themes.


  • FREE
  • Secure
  • Simple
  • Always up to date


  • Lack of features (potentially)
  • Might lack post/page templates
  • No premium support without paying

Automattic Themes

Automattic is the parent company of WP, and they produce themes that are way more interesting than the default WordPress themes that come out annually.

Have a look at the 100+ Automattic Themes. Now, some of them are paid, but many are free.

You have the exact same pros and cons as the default WP themes.


  • FREE
  • Secure
  • Simple
  • Always up to date



  • Lack of features (potentially)
  • Might lack post/page templates
  • No premium support without paying

Paid Themes

In general, you’ll spend $30 to $100 for a theme, and some companies have subscription models. That can add up over time but can be worth it if the company provides updates and reliable support.

I’ll list a couple of themes here that I know work very well for Amazon Affiliate sites.

  • Popcorn Theme – It’s a newer theme created by a few of my friends. It’s made to be fast and score high for Core Web Vitals. It was created out of a need to have a theme created for content site creators with affiliate and ad revenue. You can get it here with a 15% discount with coupon code: doug
  • REHub – This is a theme that Multi Profit Site students told me about. It’s oriented to affiliate marketers and has features to improve conversions. On the details page for the REHub theme, they say it’s the first theme recommend by the Amazon Associate programCheck out the live demo here.
  • Focus WordPress Theme (on Thesis) – I learned about this one from Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income) and it was my first paid theme. I’ve used it on niche sites in the past & on this site you’re reading now. Thesis has been updated with a new skin called Focus in 2019. Focus is all about:
    • Optimized for speed, SEO, and ease-of-maintenance
    • The most intelligent customization options on the planet
    • A design system based on the golden ratio and built for perfect content presentation on every device
    • Modular Content so you can deploy email forms, calls-to-action, sales pitches, or whatever else you need—wherever you need it!
  • Check out other themes at Theme Forest.

Premium Themes for Amazon Affiliate Sites

There are a few themes that are designed to be used for Amazon Affiliate sites. They normally use the Amazon Associate API so you can:

  • Look up products within the theme.
  • Add affiliate links using the WP editor.
  • Insert images from Amazon.
  • List prices for products.

I like the idea of the themes, but they usually have a learning curve and extra set up time while the payoff isn’t worth it.


  • Access to the Amazon API.
  • Ability to create tables.
  • Looks great out of the box.
  • Created by a WP Developer that also has Amazon Affiliate Sites.


  • The learning curve for configuring.
  • May look like an affiliate site since other affiliates use the theme.


You just need the theme to stay out of the way.

Your content should be the star.

Don’t waste too much time on your theme.

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About the author: Doug Cunnington is the founder of Niche Site Project. He shows people how to create Affiliate Sites using project management and a proven, repeatable framework. Doug loves creating systems, using templates, and brewing beer (but usually not at the same time).

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