What’s the Best Call To Action for Affiliate Sites

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There’s no one best call to action, but I can give you some of my favorites. I often have conversion rates as reported by Amazon in the 10% to 13% range.

Best CTA for Amazon Affiliate Sites

Here’s the one I use again and again:

>> See the latest pricing for Product X on Amazon <<

Or something like this:

>> Learn more about Product X on Amazon <<

And finally, people like to read real user and owner reviews.

>> Read real reviews about Product X on Amazon <<

You can use the brackets or not, it’s totally up to you. I place the CTAs in between paragraphs — read more here about where to put them and how many to use.

Why Do These CTAs Work

They are clear and set the expectation about what will happen when the visitor clicks the link. It’s a bad user experience when someone clicks a link and they expect to arrive at a page on your site but instead, they are on Amazon.

Additionally, it’s important to have the right visitor on the page. If someone is searching for a how-to article, but they arrive on a page that has product reviews without any how-to information, they won’t find what they are looking for.

In that case, you’re CTA is irrelevant because the visitor won’t be able to solve their problem with the content on that page. This is why user intent is so important to Google and so it’s very important for marketers too.

What about CTA Buttons? How can we use those?

I normally use text CTAs for the ease of adding links and haven’t found that a lack of buttons is an issue. But now I’m using a WP theme called Focus (also used on this site), so it’s super easy to add a button. *I’m an affiliate for Focus so I earn a commission if you buy it.

In Focus, you can create a text link, then simply add


So one of the links above might look like:

<a class="button" href="https://amazon.com/link"> >> Learn more about Product X on Amazon << </a>

And the button looks like this:

Link to Nowhere

and you can change colors very easily.

Link to Nowhere

Some people like to have “Buy Now” or “Buy on Amazon” but I like to be more conservative. Most people are looking for more information not to buy something immediately. If they wanted to buy right away, then they would probably go directly to Amazon.

About the author: Doug Cunnington is the founder of Niche Site Project. He shows people how to create Affiliate Sites using project management and a proven, repeatable framework. Doug loves creating systems, using templates, and brewing beer (but usually not at the same time).