Do you use a table plugin?

I use an HTML table generator because it’s faster, easier, cheaper, and I hate extra plugins that aren’t needed. They just slow your site down!

If people tell you that you NEED a table plugin, ask them what they are selling. 🙂 They own the plugin or they are an affiliate.

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Here is the FREE generator that I use. It works just like a word processor and it’s responsive. Check out the video below for a short tutorial.

If you insist on using a plugin, then check out Table Labs (affiliate link). It’s the best feature set at the best price. Some other plugins are hard to use or even worse…out of date.

See a demo below for Table Labs:

Or if you want to step it up, you can use AmaLinks Pro with Tables which is an all-inclusive solution.

That boggles my mind considering you can use the free table generator that will load faster than any plugin! Watch my YouTube video on the topic.

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