I have a course called Five Figure Niche Site, and there are other courses like it. I am adding two new bonuses to my FFNS course. Very few people know what they are. Will my competitors copy me? Well, funny thing…I made some changes to my course offering about a year ago and a competitor [...]

Have you heard the story about Buridan’s Ass? (like a donkey not a person’s butt…) It goes like this: An ass is hungry and thirsty. It’s exactly between a pile of hay and bucket of water. Normally, the ass would go to which ever is closer, but it can’t decide since the hay and water [...]

This is part of the ongoing case study called “Starting From Scratch: Going from $0 – $2,000 per month. You can catch up from the beginning right here. My buddy, Jim, started his online journey in February, 2016, about a year ago, and this is the one year check point. Jim talks about: Three main things that [...]

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