How many posts do I need to launch a niche site?

10 posts. That’s it…watch a YouTube video on the topic.

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About half should be informational (i.e. helpful) content and the other half should be product reviews.

You’ll see a lot of terrible advice from advanced, guru-types to publish a LOT of content at the very beginning, like 50 or 100 posts, before launching your site. You end up working on just the content for months without any validation that your site can get traffic.

It’s really important to get small wins early, like rankings for keyword golden ratio terms or early sales. So I created the Content Traffic Profit Sprint using ideas from Agile Project Management.

That way you can launch your site fast, validate your assumptions, and adjust faster. The last thing you want to do is make the same mistake 50 or 100 times on each post, then have to fix them all.

You will make mistakes so it’s better to learn from your mistakes so you don’t keep making them.

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