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Success Story – Reggie Paquette Pays His Car Payment With Niche Site Earnings

This is another cool story about an Amazon Niche Site.

​Reggie's been around the niche site world for a little while. He is a Smart Passive Income listener, like me...and was inspired by the Security Guard Training website.

​Between a couple of sites, Reggie is pulling down over $300 per month on average.

​Let's hear it from Reggie now...

1. What is your name and current job/profession?

Hello, my name is Reggie Paquette. I do Inbound Marketing full time for a local agency called EYEMAGINE and build niche sites on the side during my free time.

2. How did you get started building niche websites? How long have you been building websites?

I started reading Smart Passive Income during my breaks at work years ago and was instantly blown away reading his journey on building Security Guard Training HQ. That spurred me to create a few different niche sites until I finally became successful with one of them. That was 4 years ago or something like that and I’ve been involved in the niche site game ever since. They are too fun.

3. Tell us about one (preferred) or multiple of your successful websites. What is the URL and what niche are you targeting? If you are not willing to publicly share your domain or niche, that’s just fine.

Right now, I have two niche sites worth talking about. One I built from the ground up, and one I purchased from another niche site builder after it was penalized. That site is and it was featured on Niche Pursuits under a different domain before it was penalized and before I bought it. I bought the site targeting the keyword “best canister vacuum” and I was hoping I would be able to get the penalty removed and have a pretty successful site with a low purchase cost. Ultimately, I underestimated the work and skill it would take to get a domain out of a penalty so now it’s just sitting there collecting the trickle of traffic left from obscure Google searches and blog comment links.

4. How much money do you make from this successful website(s) each month?

So while I wasn’t able to bring the site back from the dead, it still earns money every month and sells about 5-8 vacuums a month. Since the vacuums are generally high priced, just one sale equals around a $20-$40 commission from Amazon so I keep the site up still although I’m not working on it actively anymore. From Consumer Vacuums and my other niche site, I make on average $317/mo in Amazon commissions.

5. What is the reason for this website’s success?

Both of my niche sites have received penalties from the “PBN update” back around November 2013. The reason they don’t make more money than they do is because I made the mistake of only relying on Google for traffic. I should have used social and other methods for traffic generation. That said, my sites still make a few hundred every month because of some great blog comment backlinks and long tail searches on Google.

6. Please briefly share your overall strategy for finding a niche, getting traffic to your site, ranking in Google, and making money from niche sites.

Finding a niche really depends on your goals. Are you looking for keywords that you can rank fast and easy or are you looking for keywords where you know you can produce a lot of content yourself even if it’s more competitive? If the former, then I always point people to Tung’s keyword research guide, it’s just the best guide out there that covers all the bases. For the latter, and I might get some people disagreeing with me, is just make a site around a product or group of products that you enjoy using and don’t worry about SEO, but do social. For example, if you like using your crock pot to cook, make some killer recipes and tutorials with high quality photos and videos and post to places like Pinterest and on to get killer traffic. Eventually, you will get links naturally. This may be the route I take for my next niche site.

7. What link-building tips can you offer?

First a foremost, blog comments. Although most blog comments are no follow and won’t typically make a huge impact on your rankings, well placed comments can lead to consistent traffic. I use your guide Doug on commenting. One tip I have for you in addition to your video is make blog comments on evergreen content about your keyword. I search my main keyword and my long tail keywords and comment on all the blogs that are in the SERPs. For this to work well, I’m really aggressive with the comment and will say something like, “This list sucks! I’ve found a much better resource here [naked URL]”. It’s shameless, but I’ve found big blogs don’t moderate comments as well as personal bloggers so they stick.

8. How has the success from this website impacted your life?

Although it didn’t cover the down payment, my niche sites completely pay for my monthly car payment. I hope my next site will pay my rent.

9. Do you have any additional tips or advice for others that would like to replicate your success with their own websites?

The most important thing is to just start doing it. Commit to spending an hour or two hours every day or four times a week and stick to strict schedule. In time, you will have a money making niche site. That’s the most important thing. Oh, and reading blog articles doesn’t count for this time. I mean spend it writing content, researching competitors, creating a content calendar, working on the design, etc.

10. Do you have a blog or other place that people can following along with what you are doing?

I blog every now and then at with updates on my sites and new projects I’m working on.

The most important thing is to just start doing it... @reqpaq 

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​I like how Reggie specifically mentions to committing to the work. Just like Dan Thompson mentioned in his story, you have to put in the time, work, and just grind. (Read about Dan's $20k exit here...)

The secret is: there is no secret. You have to execute your plan.​

Thanks for telling your story, Reggie! It's great to have an inspiring story like that. Covering your car payment is a pretty big deal - truly life changing.​


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  • Reggie Paquette February 11, 2015, 6:11 pm Link Reply

    Thanks Doug! Always appreciated my man

  • Imam Hossein August 10, 2015, 12:04 pm Link Reply

    Although the Amount is Not Huge but it is Inspiring me a lot as i am going to start with amazon affiliates. Thanks

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