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Success Story – Yaro Park on Starting Entrepreneurship with Niche Websites

Today, Yaro Park shares his success with Amazon Affiliate websites.

​Yaro is doing very well right now, pulling in several hundred dollars per month on the side. He's seen some ups & downs, too. 

He was making up to ​$3,000 per month at one time on eBay...

That was before moving over to niche sites.​

​Pay attention – Yaro gives some great tips on getting traffic, monetizing, and link building.

Here is Yaro...​

Yaro Park from Residual Incomer!

Yaro Park from Residual Incomer!

1. What is your name and current job/profession?

My name is Yaro Park and I am working full time as Software Developer Engineer contractor at Microsoft.

2. How did you get started building niche websites?  How long have you been building websites?

I like my job, but after many times my projects which I have been working shut down for some corporate reasons I started to pursue my own ways to make money. I was making around $3000 per months on eBay before and I think what if I will find something better!

I started looking over online for investment into some online projects in May 2014. I found out about Flippa website and start reading and consuming all information about it. Over there I found out about amazon and AdSense niche website.

I decided to build from scratch one of the profitable website which was selling on Flippa. I took me a month. I used html only to make it faster, but then I rebuild it in WorpPress. Why? Because it easy to maintain and add new information to your website!

I also bought one of the huge guest posting website with around 650 articles on it. Which I monetize with AdSense and people pay to post guest posts.

Then I decided to learn more about building websites and SEO. I start googling things that I was interested in and I found about Niche Pursuits, NoHatDigital, Niche Site Project, Smart Passive Income blogs and etc.

After learning a lot in really small amount of time I started building niche sites around June 2014 and I was working on them about for 2-3 months in total.

I setup a system with which it was really easy to build websites from scratch:

I take me about 1 day to do first 3 parts and the link building game takes some time. I am creating tutorials and training for my VA on how to build backlinks and he will take care of this.

3. Tell us about one (preferred) or multiple of your successful websites.

Currently I have 3 amazon niche website which brings me monthly income. And 3 more websites out there without any backlinks.

The best one I think is supplements niche website. I monetize it through amazon affiliate program.
I also have guest blogging website where people pays to publish their guest posts. I am making money from it, but honestly I am not really interested in it.

4. How much money do you make from this successful website(s) each month?

I am making around $250-$400 per month in total from all of my websites. The income depends on the month. For example January was a really slow month probably for everyone.

Lets talk about supplements niche website.

I am getting around 40-50 unique visitors per day right now and I am making about $100-$200 per month.

5. What is the reason for this website’s success?

This niche website I build on expire exact match domain. And did some white hat no-follow link building.

For example in Bing and Yahoo this website ranks #3 for the main keyword and pretty much is getting a lot of traffic from it only. There are multiple other keywords website ranks for on the top page, but search volume is lower

6. Please briefly share your overall strategy for finding a niche, getting traffic to your site, ranking in Google, and making money from niche sites.

Finding Niche and Keyword Research

To get idea about which niche to build website I am using next methods:

  1. I look around the house and type “Best”, “Top”, “Reviews” + product keywords into Google Keyword Planner Tools or LongTail Pro. Pick up keywords that are 500-5000 monthly search volumes. And simple check top 10 competition websites for each keyword that I found in Google and Bing.
  2. Another approach is going to amazon website and type first letter and it will auto-suggest some products and type second and third letter and so on. And I can get tons of product suggestions. Then I do the same way what I did in first example.

This includes how to find a niche and do quick keyword research.

I also use Moz keyword difficulty tool to determinate if keywords easy to rank in search engines.

And remember you will need to find niche where you will make descent money. I don’t think my supplement website make good money because I am getting around $0.5 per sale. But if you can make $10-$20 per sale and sell 100 items per month then it’s really good niche then.

How To Get Traffic

I am driving traffic from next sources:

Bing and Yahoo search engines. Since they are EMD friendly, I am getting most traffic over there.

I did some commenting on related niche blogs, forums and social media groups. I am getting some traffic, but I am also have some backlinks pointing back to my website.

Ranking in Google

This is hard part and require more work on building backlinks.

Currently website is getting about 20% of traffic from Google, but only from long tail keywords. And you should learn how to find long tail keyword and include into your website.


There are many different way to monetize your website: Amazon Associates, Google Ads (and other), selling leads, selling eBooks, paid membership, your own product and others many different affiliate programs. But which one to choose is up to your niche!

I prefer Amazon Associates program where you get paid to refer people to buy products on amazon. You are getting good conversion rate through amazon, more people trust amazon and at the end you are getting more money.

And currently working on my own product that I will promote on my supplements website and it will pump my earnings!

What link-building tips can you offer?

Don’t do black hat link building methods!

Imagine this: you built a website, spent money on domain, hosting, content, logo and your time. Then in some day Google decided to penalize you and your website is gone!

I prefer next building backlink methods:

  • Post comments on niche related blogs
  • Participate on related niche forums
  • Participate in niche related social groups
  • Build links in Wikipedia
  • Participate on answers website and answer niche related questions
  • Outreach to people who in the same niche and do guest posts again on niche related websites.
  • Find and fix broken links on related niche websites
  • Build web 2.0 blogs or PBN, but polish it really good and make great informational websites from it

I have PBN and each website has great info and I am actually getting traffic on each of them. Currently I am not using PBN for link building for my niche sites, but I will do it in the future.

I think if you want to succeed with your niche website I will suggest you to become an expert in your niche so people will refer to you and also do A/B testing all the time.

How-has-the-success-from-this-websites-impacted-your-life8. How has the success from this websites impacted your life?

It gives me motivation do to online work and work on my own projects. Since I started working on my niche websites, I realized this is the first step to quit my full time job. 

I am not only working on niche websites. I have many multiple ideas and projects going on right now and I am finishing my first software product (plugin for wordpress)!

Also income from niche sites pay my car loan and now I am pursuing laptop life and work from where ever I want and do what I want!
PS. It’s my car and I took picture in Westport, WA. Yes, we are surfing in Seattle area too 🙂

9. Do you have any additional tips or advice for others that would like to replicate your success with their own websites?

Do a keyword research! This is the most crucial part! Then content creating and link building.

And like I said before, be and expert in your niche and do A/B testing all the time. Make connections with people in your niche!

10. Do you have a blog or other place that people can following along with what you are doing?

You can find more about me and my online income ventures on my blog Residual Incomer

​Thank you for sharing your success story, Yaro!

Let us know when you release the plugin!​


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Doug Cunnington, PMP

I show people how to create Affiliate Sites using project management and a proven, repeatable framework. I love creating systems, using templates, and brewing beer (but not at the same time).

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  • Yaro February 15, 2015, 2:13 pm Link Reply

    Thank you Doug for having me here!
    Plugin in testing face already!
    For now I can say that everyone who have niche sites will use it and I will have free version of course!

    • Doug cunnington February 15, 2015, 2:50 pm Link Reply

      You’re welcome.

      Sounds interesting. I’m looking forward to learning more.

  • Reza June 7, 2018, 6:19 am Link Reply

    I used to do blog commenting back in 2010 from any blogs I can find to get traffic, but I’ve dismissed the idea not long ago because the links are nofollow.

    But after reading this post I’m interested in building a ‘real’ network again by doing blog commenting.

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