How often should I post content for my niche site?

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It really doesn’t matter. I publish content as fast as I can. When I first launch, that will be with about 10 pieces of content.

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But after that, you can stop publishing and start focusing on promoting and networking for your site. That’ll help you build connections and get some eyes on your site. Of course, you’ll go back and add more content using the Content Traffic Profit Sprint.

There used to be some truth to publishing content on a regular basis to send some good vibes to Google, so they’ll know you are publishing regularly. Now, it won’t really help your rankings.

Is it okay to post multiple posts at once?

I’ve published 20 posts in a day, 15 the next, then nothing for 6 months. The traffic was consistent and grew over time. So it really doesn’t matter how often you publish content.

My advice is that you should work in a way that suits you. I like discrete projects and pieces of work – sprints. Some people like to have a schedule to publish 1 post a week or 2 posts a month, and that’s totally fine.

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